Shutting Down Stereotypes

One young engineer has inspired women in the tech industry to speak up about diversity and sexism in their field.
2:54 | 08/05/15

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Transcript for Shutting Down Stereotypes
Our it topped the mix here we want to start with serial types and knocking them down folks take a moment apologize. And imagine a female engineer. And what comes to mind or even just in the engineer. To say and the first thing that comes to mind is probably not this young lady and that is what we're telling louder than and here 44 BC the teachers wearing 1 login of the evening but engineering company is out in the Bay Area they put up these additives that essentially trying to attract. Engineers and this one got a lot of attention because this young lady posted this along with. Something on our FaceBook page and it got a lot of attention because nobody thinks that's what an engineer supposed to look like she's a beautiful. There you go up right and so it got I guess you could say some negative attention thinking that the company was yourself that you you've you've she's too. She beautiful to be engineers or you're just as the ploy if you will you pluck her out that she posted this afterwards saying what she does think hey I felt. Build enterprise software patch take that look like engineers that then started a movement on line people using that hatch that other female engineers. Yes I would like it here we all look like in engineers not what you might imagine what you think of but is start a little movement and knocked down stereotype has been a big deal trying to get more women and young girls into some of these beat these stem fields gas and who you. So important and to see that they're cool and they seemed very personable and I think it's a wonderful campaign especially for young girls. Some real whole foods to have this whole controversy over the scales up when way the product that whole foods that. Some of them are really off a bit of overcharging people while now. They an editor over at valley times magazine found that it's a spare guess water being sold. By whole foods so the associate editor at the LA times at valley magazine posted this. And then but the captions somewhere in LA whole foods exacts are laughing at all of us can you see the sixteen ounce veggie water. Which by the way read tells for five dollars and 99 cents it's not a different it's whole foods who put it together and tried to sell it when I hadn't spent what was that whole foods says it was meant to be like the absence of the spare gifts in water you know they have what would flying water. We have so many different flavored waters right so it's supposed to be that. In the water and so they're apologizing he pulled it from Brentwood hills whole foods and it's not going to be solved but the. The cucumber what do you get when your own as the resort. Stuff is delicious if you want to hear about the equipment 61 last thing here let me show you this contraption isn't from a company called Genworth. They put their sorry this is supposed to help you you don't focus. Feel what it's like to be seventy years old this policy into your seven year old self edged. Changes your muscle mass you're hearing in your vision to be a better appreciation of the body you have it may be eating up some older folks love how they thought it.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"One young engineer has inspired women in the tech industry to speak up about diversity and sexism in their field. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32891788","title":"Shutting Down Stereotypes","url":"/WNN/video/shutting-stereotypes-32891788"}