Simon Cowell to Be a Dad

"The X Factor" judge is expecting his first child with his close friend's wife.
3:28 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Simon Cowell to Be a Dad
Ice -- out everybody's silent cal all of what's the -- idol -- yes he's going to be -- factor. X-Factor fans as well it's going to do it reacted the way -- that pay attention it is twisted web listen to this the X-Factor judge expected to be -- have a baby New York socialite Laura Silberman. This is according to. But the kicker here the mom to me is still technically married to real estate mogul Andrew Silverman who just happens to be. A friend of Simon's. An insider tells at all that insider tells us weekly that -- 36 is around ten weeks pregnant and that this happened after her marriage began to deteriorate so Simon is having. A baby with the woman who is his friends. Still -- Did you. -- -- -- We here to end Wednesday first job Simon wrong and you level -- wonder they're still friends it's all -- will eventually come that don't make it -- wrong. Who knows maybe he's like -- is about Simon. I don't know that it merits reaches out -- that that's a little kind of twisted past with the world just that -- Some good news here remember Randy Travis yes -- star who was in the hospital he had a stroke and he had AM and a hard -- Kind of all at the same time he's being treated for one the other one happened while he's being treated. Any weight he had been released from hospital but it's not just yet he's going to rehabilitation center. Physical therapy facility but he needs his fiancee is saying thanks -- the fans and friends. For your continued prayers and support -- -- continues on this road to recovery. -- did not eat don't you just involved with a couple of embarrassing public innings against before all this happened but now of course there -- -- in February as he's -- on the -- -- You know about the shortened NATO phenomenon. -- I -- -- that everybody out about this that I want to let the premise of it it's a scifi made for satellite TV movie it's a story about a storm that. Her shorts together and they get caught up -- a tornado sweeps over Los Angeles has the -- shark made its. Anyways phenomena like -- the -- exploded when this was on TV so much self. That this made for TV movie from scifi is actually coming to theaters now will be in theaters August 2. It's just a crazy but I'm no one of the most socially pleaded. Movies ever hated him -- -- In August -- as tomorrow as I heard might hear that sounds like it's an hour away -- got its tomorrow today's -- asked. And it can only happen for one day you better run out there and get this done if you want short -- 80. OK let's get -- this because I want you to hear this Kristen channel worth. -- on the Tonight Show and she admits that she's completely infatuated and obsessed with Anthony Weiner and his entire. Situation that's going on let's call it that. So she rewrote a very popular song called popular just for him to collect them. Mom we're. He's now. -- Passion. He's -- she rewrote her song popular which she made famous musical wicked and -- it's about becoming popular -- says his. Right kind of popular acceptance in the last let us -- include -- what -- what Africa provides that if the --

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{"id":19834246,"title":"Simon Cowell to Be a Dad","duration":"3:28","description":"\"The X Factor\" judge is expecting his first child with his close friend's wife.","url":"/WNN/video/simon-cowell-dad-19834246","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}