Singing Nun Rocks the House

Sister Cristina wowed the judges on the Italian version of "The Voice."
4:11 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Singing Nun Rocks the House
The skinny now I can't achieve an obvious transition here -- our first story we are beginning with the big achievement for Rosie O'Donnell the comedian has lost nearly 50000 gathers is -- before and after pictures you posted on Twitter take a look at can really see the difference really had gastric -- surgery was back in July. And it February she's spoken to -- to the American Heart Association where she revealed she dropped from 23190. She said earlier this year -- having a heart attack in 2012 convinced her. To have the surgery so it's great she really does get our. But Christina Aguilera on the other hand is putting on the fear she showing off her growing Baby -- tried take a look at the singer and her fiance is adorable pictures from both -- to Graham along with the caption. -- -- -- -- as having a baby girl no word on her due date but she's announced the news shortly after Valentine's Day. Many watchers are gearing up for a new season of another Netflix original. The trailer for the much anticipated second season of the prison drama orange is the new black is out. Like would -- done with the -- this can -- this. Starting to feel like home and he -- How many good things throughout continues there's -- I I don't see any of Morgan the shift by the way so they got to get that DVR -- -- loving -- our friend Whoopi Goldberg co host ABC's the view -- setting columnist who hasn't yeah online at marijuana columnist that is Goldberg's first piece on pot friendly web site run by the Denver Post was published yesterday in it she sang the praises of inhaling -- through pocket vaporize or she calls to be. Goldberg says that she uses marijuana to cope with headaches -- by glaucoma. And she claims using the pocket -- there is a discreet way to get relief her column will hear about every two months. Very interesting just a couple of years ago no body in the line might have come -- to say that they were anywhere near marijuana and now is streamline south. Well people at least two states in the union its legal -- yeah exactly right. -- -- fans of the ABC drama scandal -- last night was the season's big finale how does not -- finalists here except to say that with action packed. And Jimmy Kimmel celebrated with a star studded special called behind us candelabra. -- outrageously an accident reenactment bielsa as a show's creator -- scandal. Can be so so over the top at times. The document actions -- I mean there are some time to get crazy pitches. But generally what's interesting is the stuff that we find to be the craziest and then we sort of decide like let's find a way to lead into it always -- -- -- Trittler. -- Of course if you haven't seen the finale pain don't have a DVR you can always check it out on I caught just don't let -- another I'm not gonna say what I saw I will say it is yeah yeah. What is the only show on TV I catch a little bit up too because like -- -- -- in the makeup chair yeah. Right next. -- -- The heavenly voice on the Italian version of the -- remember the -- yet known as the singing nun she hit the stage again this week to rock the house to Cindy lovers of classic girls just wanna have fun. Check it out. Oh my -- she should. -- -- just wanna have fun. You can see your fellow sisters dancing among -- sister Cristina lives and it kind of an -- Her mother superior is convinced her to go on the shelf by the way -- didn't make -- -- next to rally. Man oh man how I believe battle under way -- -- about the fact -- -- -- that's a look at which celebrities are celebrating birthdays today. Actor James Woods is 67 years old talk show host Conan O'Brien turning 51 today. Actor Eric McCormack of willing great -- is -- fifty mile walk home. This Melissa Joan -- turns 38 years old happy birthday to.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Sister Cristina wowed the judges on the Italian version of \"The Voice.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23375411","title":"Singing Nun Rocks the House","url":"/WNN/video/singing-nun-rocks-house-23375411"}