Sleep Series: Gadgets to help with sleep

ABC News' Diane Macedo and the experts at Blue Sleep return with some cool new devices to help you sleep.
4:48 | 06/27/18

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Transcript for Sleep Series: Gadgets to help with sleep
For some view I'm talking your sleeve would be considered a luxurious. Because that would mean your act seriously. But for many of us does. How to yeah for me to tell that finally except did so yesterday I showed you some of the new techniques that I learned to help pick clients on the well. Now it's time for part two of our serious sleep gadgets. The. You know those days when your head hits the pillow in your immediately off to a restful night's sleep. Well I don't I am sleeps worst nightmare. From ABC news. It's not only do I worked the overnight shift but I'm extremely light sensitive I have trouble falling asleep. I wake up easily and once I wake up I could never fall back asleep. But luckily I found not just to sleep doctor but some seek products to help make. Blight is the number one factor. That controls our sleep wake cycles anything that's for we'll tell you that darkness is crucial to a good night's sleep but it steaming mad darkness. Isn't always so easy I find sleet mass uncomfortable and they make for some interesting bed head. And it seems almost every black out shade or curtains still left some light through my solution portable black outlines you might remember them from my favorite things list. Yeah yeah Ruth. OK I was a little excited but here's what. They attack using velcro strips Revell for suction cups and offer near perfect light proofing and you can take them with you when you travel. Finally I. Complete darkness. Now but just talking my window wasn't enough using some peel and stick weather stripping I was able to block light from shining through the edges of my bedroom door. And the little black tape I covered up all the electronic lights that were keeping me awake. Next tip. Keep the room cool but sometimes even in the room is full of the bed gets hot. And you end up playing the old sheets on sheets off game you know the one. I six is vice verging on a chilly pad it uses circulating water to keep the bet that whatever temperature you said. And it has dramatically helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. Doctor stern also recommends the bad jet. It's. A cover that you put on your bed and into blows. Care through the cover and it just the temperature and it's been found in our study to be very effective for women suffering from hot flashes. And if it can help someone suffer from hot flashes I imagine it and helps anyone who is dealing with overheating it absolutely and her really affordable option I even used to joke cooling pad meant for pets. It's cheap portable and does the trick which is to cool your core body temp signaling to the brain it's time to sleep. But sometimes my brain is too busy planning rehashing were figuring things out to get the message. So in addition to jogging down my worries in a notebook I also found the sound Messina helps calm my mind and helps keep noise from waking me up. I also turn honestly meditation and on the ninth to close Jensen. It helps me flawlessly even if they get to a certain point in the meditation and I'm still await I know it's time to get up and try again when I feel more sleep. To encourage that sleepiness I often read on the couch with my waited blanket it's a great way to encourage stillness and relaxation and many even use it to sleep. Finally the most universal way to beat insomnia is to treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and yap shut eye now makes that possible even if you don't have a sleep therapist in your area. It's a six week program of its very affordable and it tends to be one of the best ways to treated song. Sweet dreams. And like what so many think the key to any of these solutions is consistency civics and and it works for you for them into a daily routine. They've actually each part of the routine becomes a signal to your brain that it's time to sleep well. Parents this is your this is my fair enough graduated blanket right about now yeah. They can't assist with it but you're supposed to knock yourself your First Act is right it is are actually. I can't meetings that I didn't get you also in the peace and I think we're pretty cool. Listening to asleep and you know on meditation happens haven't got your share the rumor that with somebody else that an annoyance for them so these her sleep headphones it's actually had phone in the head and yet super comfortable to sleep with and you just pop it into your thought it would have been listening to. If you do need to sleep mask I find these to be the most comfortable these economies once you can open and close rats light rain them. Very comfy and the not pot has its coolest little beads in them that sells the very comfortable. Finally he humor the doctors and light as a most of guessing. That not only means blackout shades it means avoiding being out in the days if you have to be before bed where the Israeli callable blocking sunglasses it's Roy Orbison and try to get light after viewing them. Creating. In the.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"ABC News' Diane Macedo and the experts at Blue Sleep return with some cool new devices to help you sleep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56195123","title":"Sleep Series: Gadgets to help with sleep","url":"/WNN/video/sleep-series-gadgets-sleep-56195123"}