Could Sleeping on Your Side Be Giving You Nightmares?

According to several studies, right-side sleepers have better dreams than left-side sleepers.
2:54 | 12/21/15

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Transcript for Could Sleeping on Your Side Be Giving You Nightmares?
Okay now time for the next so how do you sleep. I'm your stomach but your scientists. Alike in the news the fact that it's very well know are good about what can I get it gets put the I. Are committed to study. Doesn't currently sit in the nude and but it's about whether you sleep bide your site or our. Low reds were a year ago yes that's where I was going with this if this was done by the Pittsburgh sleep study. And there are saying that didn't sleep on your right side. It can cause nightmares. Previously by your lap side it tends to cause. That it's are the left. Sleeping in the right position can cause nightmares in that position action your left side. Lefties have bad dreams right keys have better dreams if you save face down that's the best because you have the most vivid. Three school sleep space down. I don't I don't know either if you add some yeah I don't you do that to the big take a wait left side factory it's okay nude if you're on your help. A public their sights on next but it. We'll flight attendant Donna delta flight. So as a cat got free on this flight and despite a tenant or that's big cat actually. They could figure out exactly whose cat it was. Ed so the cat's under roaming the flight the flight attendant who happens happens at a home. Wanted no part of this little. They think it's a few calls on the loudspeaker percent whether. This tech now you need to you need to get your cat back she's just to subpoena so tell without a little it is. He should know that on it under domestic flights you don't get free drinks or peanuts anymore. Finally they found the cat owners on that cat nothing to. Her beats headphones and yes you will have to Linder did better than our overhead page. So aid the forces pretty strong in Texas with the please department got a check it out to police officers decide to pull someone over earth. And guess who comes out of that car and stand in. Is it to buck odd Zooey. Thank you very much Han Solo and Darth Vader. And all also there to. Apparently one of the officers was in on this joke the other one and was not. Very cute this video received 2000 likes and 5000 shares on the FaceBook page over in. We'll share Texas awesome and just one little quick no from Sunday's football you know what they'll Beckham is. We used to having flashy here and such but also he has. Flashy she's like these were his shoes that he wore yesterday and have been something about them through the had to be infused his. He had attitude problem on the field yesterday night for the man this was the highlight how this was a highlight. That are. I'm so sorry about that joke.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"According to several studies, right-side sleepers have better dreams than left-side sleepers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35882609","title":"Could Sleeping on Your Side Be Giving You Nightmares?","url":"/WNN/video/sleeping-side-giving-nightmares-35882609"}