Will Smith Gets Back to His 'Fresh Prince' Roots

The actor appeared onstage with DJ Jazzy Jeff at a Las Vegas event.
3:56 | 08/18/14

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Transcript for Will Smith Gets Back to His 'Fresh Prince' Roots
Famous -- this morning the fresh. Back in action Will Smith surprised -- weekend crowd at the palms hotel in Las Vegas. Guest appearance during a -- by DJ jazzy Jeff. -- this special cheer when he got a little more. Comfortable he apparently thought he was one -- you -- blogs and -- lasted a few moves in there might not -- to. -- -- -- What happened there would have stayed in Vegas success TMZ -- you see there on the screen apple so confident. You should go -- that show works with the exception of the -- -- -- -- -- -- those guys that they have excellent -- yesterday. Yeah. I think if they're -- particular back. He's having a bad news well here's an incredibly heartwarming moment for very special lucky birthday boy in San Jose. Eight year old Julian Zealand is not -- lake's biggest fans -- I'm sick and only wanted his birthday with its favorite singer and concert. The -- A lot more -- he actually serenaded him with the entire crowd in China and in. This is the -- everybody want. Okay. The girl sitting in front of you in there actually helped him -- -- -- attention Julian -- and it ours Johnston. You rock man. Does. It's unsettling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You get for him must have made -- world -- -- for jobs next. The latest shot by the first couple of hip hop trying to kill those rumors of impending divorce that's right HBO releasing their new trailer for a special beyoncé and Jay -- on the run to work. Featuring queen -- serenading her husband's book. And I was fabulous season -- -- When you and -- Eight. They would always women designed to -- day peace. Then songs. Bang bang for the course made infamous by sharing covered -- Financing cannot -- who really crossed the divorce rumors. Time HBO special assistant. Finally we're told -- Possibly the reports out there that day she may be making some sort of announcement. -- know these rumors coming at central pharmacy out of this is just a big. PR play good timing. -- that isn't happy baby news on this Monday. -- news is reporting that Christina Aguilera and fiance Matthew -- have welcomed a bouncing. Baby girl. The pop star has been seen in recent weeks -- -- off her baby bump around Los Angeles. This is actually regulator -- second child she has six year old son with ex husband Jordan -- -- -- whoever gave birth on Saturday no word yet on any names but we offer our congratulations. To the happy couple lot of them that Hollywood she was -- right now I think this is -- and -- -- A lot of -- going around right now -- -- we just have last week somebody. That you don't know. No doubt that Taylor -- -- -- any rumors my I was now at how that was Miley Cyrus is pig at the point calling --

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{"id":25018910,"title":"Will Smith Gets Back to His 'Fresh Prince' Roots","duration":"3:56","description":"The actor appeared onstage with DJ Jazzy Jeff at a Las Vegas event.","url":"/WNN/video/smith-back-fresh-prince-roots-25018910","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}