Soda Consumption Falls in the United States

More water is consumed in the United States than soda since 1998.
2:55 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Soda Consumption Falls in the United States
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coke Kraft -- say yeah yes some good news that we don't talk about losing battle. The New York City over mayor Bloomberg's crusade against sugary drinks but here's a step that could really bolster the folks who don't -- -- -- what he's doing really get this. For more than two decades -- was the number one drink in the US with per capita consumption peaking at 98 at 54 gallons a year but could not you okay. However Americans now drink of an average of 44 gallons of soda a year that's a 17% drop. Since 1998 and over the same time the amount of water that people drink modest increase. 38% to fifty gallons a year so basically -- is now topping the soda as Americans number one choice. I don't and -- -- relishing you know what it -- it -- This had to do that sell Betsy applaud you folks get involved battle battle we now bring more water in this country than we do so there's so we are getting better say both men robbed the primarily because. But -- carries bottled water like -- Here to carry around just like married now solidly his. -- now let him -- category of dumb criminals that we look to bringing these kinds of stories we have. -- -- -- kind of hapless bank robber -- really is a -- ridiculous. Silly mangalore Movielink L watts gentlemen. Bank and he passes a note to the teller that -- I have a -- give me some money the talent looks and says I don't rebounds. The he writes another round they're written -- -- writes another note that that half a block. Not wearing a -- They got no gloves on. Linda she's that -- he said the -- read it out again. At which point he she tells them what it just give me your bank card did you get -- withdrawals would have. But what local yeah. Man I got a tiny bit and grabbed a handful -- Except you -- But wait there's more he's the same thing at a FedEx office and he made out with bit about that he went to no doubt that Brooklyn and he tried to do the same thing the people there said and we ain't got time for you we're not gonna give you many things off with a baseball cap and -- -- And I have where he made that I. Hopkins knowingly did have a different -- -- -- robber with big dreams and that's -- -- military involvement got but I think I'm minutes -- -- she stood -- results. Yeah -- and that's how. It's a far. Also what happens when the top. Of the luxury bicycle company DMC teams up with a Lamborghini that's right -- -- need bicycle -- -- Thousand dollars take a look at this thing -- Out -- Mike uses the very same -- used in -- luxury automobile the same color the same feel as the car despite can be yours for thirteenth 2000. Dollar. That's ridiculous. Get one from -- more --

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"More water is consumed in the United States than soda since 1998.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18726562","title":"Soda Consumption Falls in the United States","url":"/WNN/video/soda-consumption-falls-united-states-18726562"}