Songs of the Season

The hottest holiday tracks of the year!
3:32 | 12/23/14

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Transcript for Songs of the Season
Oh. Yeah. Randy prefer the vaguely familiar are the biggest songs from holidays after music is a clear sign that Christmas. He's here in every year there are new tunes to try and then attempt breaking an apple pie and yet so what about the new tune between fourteen let's get. Some insights and a moral world news now music guru Bruno bill Varnado. As we close in on the big day. Hey guys this has been a great year for Christmas music. With the return of a holiday hit maker and you renditions of Christmas classics. Your arms and every news assume it's. That's one of the year's most buzzed about new songs Sam Schmidt singing a stripped down somewhat somber version. Of the iconic tune immortalized by Judy Garland seventeen years and name. The song caps an incredible year for the breakthrough race he's got six Grammy nominations. Including best new artist. Oh and by the way he was only two when this happened. Yes Mariah Carey's instant classic he has. When he years old. First released in 1994. It's become the ultimate contemporary Christmas smash hit selling fifteen million albums. This year he has top Spotify radio charts since early December and it's been thirty years since band aids do they know it's Christmas featured superstars U2. Steam Duran Duran and board George. It is a Christmas radio must play a year after year getting a reworking this year. Yeah. This. Yeah yeah. Hit maker Bob kilduff broke the original to spotlight the famine in Ethiopia. Dandy thirty gathered today's hot proper superstars as. Shine a light on the Ebola crises. Anything. And Schering cool place Chris Martin even mega ball again one direction lending voices to create the fastest selling single of the year in Britain. And raising much needed funds for Africa the original has long battled another 1984 released for Christmas song chart supremacy. Lamp black person. They George Michael classic another of those rare modern songs at top. The chart year after year. Was last year's most streams song on Spotify on Christmas Day. So lamb and Mariah Carey still are modern favorites after all these years. And if you didn't get enough of them this year will probably hear them again them about eleven months from now back to you. There are reminders Bruno. So it's silly songs are great but nothing. We hate chris' visa because we go to a story we hear these Virginia playing constantly over and over again. And I can't fix things and it's like some other great times it's hard to remake them in Antarctic honey available went to do. Yes I global.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The hottest holiday tracks of the year!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27784294","title":"Songs of the Season","url":"/WNN/video/songs-season-27784294"}