South Africa's President Cancels Trip Amid Nelson Mandela Worry

President Zuma found 94-year-old Mandela to still be in critical condition during a nighttime visit.
2:04 | 06/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for South Africa's President Cancels Trip Amid Nelson Mandela Worry
You're watching America this morning America's number 1 in the early morning news. Our other major story this morning President Obama is waking up in Africa kicking off a weeklong tour of three different -- first Stanley received a warm welcome as they arrived in Senegal last night the trip is being overshadowed by Nelson Mandela's declining health. We had to live reports this morning -- -- with the president in Senegal but. Let's get an update on Nelson Mandela from ABC's Alex -- party in Johannesburg good morning Alex. Good morning John and -- I'm standing in front of Mandela's hot house where well wishers and admires have been coming to pay their respects. We got word this morning from a presidential spokesman that Mandela's health has deteriorated. Over the past 48 hours he remains in critical condition. At that hospital in Pretoria there was also reporting a local newspaper that the chapel at that hospital has been prepared for Mandela's death. But in perhaps what could be the strongest sign that Mandela's death could be near president Jacob Zuma canceled his trip to Mozambique today. It will resume his job to announce to the nation that Mandela has died. -- -- Fred -- work hard in South Africa thank you for that. Are we -- -- ABC's Mary Bruce who's traveling with President Obama Mary any plans for the president to visit Mandela in the hospital. Good morning John and -- and the White House is deferring to the Mandela family to decide whether or not. The civil rights leaders up for a visit from President Obama -- decision has not yet been -- -- -- it's possible the President Obama could go -- see Mandela you know what we're hearing about his health. Seems unlikely. -- -- Mary what's ahead for the president today. President had -- -- today here in Senegal. As you -- bombing and -- health is looming large over the visit for now the president's moving ahead with his planned itinerary. Today he needs of the president of Senegal on have a joint press conference later the president the First Lady will -- gory island off the coast of the car the powerful symbol of the inhumane slave trade here Africa. -- Diana -- ABC's Mary Bruce Levenson handle this morning think you.

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{"id":19504157,"title":"South Africa's President Cancels Trip Amid Nelson Mandela Worry","duration":"2:04","description":"President Zuma found 94-year-old Mandela to still be in critical condition during a nighttime visit.","url":"/WNN/video/south-africas-president-cancels-trip-amid-nelson-mandela-19504157","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}