South Korea Bracing for North Korean Missile Test

ABC News' Lana Zak is in Seoul as they brace for a North Korean missile test 'anytime soon.'
1:59 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for South Korea Bracing for North Korean Missile Test
We begin this half hour -- South Korea they are bracing for a missile test in the north. -- has deployed three naval destroyers and early warning surveillance aircraft and a land based radar system in preparation ABC's lot of -- -- reporting this morning from South Korea she has the very latest. At least one of North Korea's move Saddam missiles. Has been spotted on the eastern Korean coast believed to be fueled and ready to launch it is powerful enough to travel more than 2000 miles. Putting US bases in -- -- and Guam within its reach. And North Korea has had several missile tests before it has never tested the -- dot. And with something relatively untested like this part of the concern is even if the target is intended to be this week if it fails. Could possibly even hit Japan in many ways that is a horror scenario. Because it's possible that even the smallest action could provoke some sort of a larger fight. A war or or some sort of of significant military clash. When we're trying to weaken the whistle on Sunday that. And you -- him. And if any grip he found that the people of South Korea while concerned we're living their lives you have a young child are you worried for your child safety. But now it seems that the mood has shifted. South Korean news reports that emergency threat levels have been raised to watch con 21. Step away from war. It was like over the news this morning and there was this. Red highlights -- watch continuing walked into. A young mother -- Jung Kim told me last week that she was not worried but now for the first time she's starting to make emergency plan -- and expecting anywhere else. I want -- -- This morning she peeked in on her son still sleeping in while he may be unaware of all that's going on. It's obvious to us exactly what's at stake -- -- ABC news Seoul.

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{"id":18930263,"title":"South Korea Bracing for North Korean Missile Test","duration":"1:59","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak is in Seoul as they brace for a North Korean missile test 'anytime soon.'","url":"/WNN/video/south-korea-bracing-north-korean-missile-test-18930263","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}