Splashing Into Marriage

Vancouver couple celebrates their wet and wild wedding on water skis.
1:14 | 08/30/13

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Transcript for Splashing Into Marriage
Part time for the next you know he's out elaborate wedding -- -- proposals attended the over them. Like this one because it's just so beautiful it's really -- -- check this out these were gentlemen junkies can Augen Caylee was selling goes -- Vancouver. And does that not the most gorgeous pictures anyway they decided they wanted to a wedding -- They got married at the water ski club on land or on -- docket right headache but she actually wiped out on the first lap and from a charter. So she went in the water 16100 dollar dress and all -- Got back up this -- that must be pretty well wipe out and they made it the second time around such as the most gorgeous. She never really great -- they got any military I've done everything looks good now I love that future of this country that without talented that's my mobile -- yeah that's -- don't get any better. Are we have thirty seconds to tell you this next one but I don't think -- that next time it's cat is doing -- really. Straight you -- beat out of us those stairs he decides I wanna go much away and I don't think so watch me get my own thing and -- he -- Thank gosh for now the -- -- -- because otherwise you probably wouldn't been wouldn't do that and then he goes back to international yeah. Home cool cat is a different verdict yet.

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{"id":20115596,"title":"Splashing Into Marriage","duration":"1:14","description":"Vancouver couple celebrates their wet and wild wedding on water skis.","url":"/WNN/video/splashing-marriage-20115596","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}