Sports With Reena

ABC's Reena Ninan gives her take on some of the latest sports news and highlights.
2:58 | 10/19/15

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Transcript for Sports With Reena
This brings us in my face a relay a message yes OK welcome back it is Monday and that of course means a full segment. Expert analysis and play by play. We call sports with marina. Sort things out by not. That's where is the action the bats. There are looking to take it to games to none lead in the national legged league championship series against the cubs out of cold cold windy night in Queens the cut off to a hot start when David Wright. Doubled in the bottom of the first that what the next one nothing. Next batter batter batter Daniel Murphy he beat pounded his fifth playoff hole rotten mess up. Three yell at that point and they went on to win at Fordham watch. Puerto one pence against Chicago game three tomorrow in Chicago daytime yeah for the board Alan. Oprah we'll see how it but all plays out cubs just observed that in the American League. Kids sitting leads Toronto to Davidson on their first. Their game three is actually tonight. So both series right now are type. Just a way we expected it to be we'd like to be dramatic that's what it's kind of like a Spanish talent Novella. Yet. Except the lots of folks Altria Group. That I. New England Patriots should not what did you now let's take catapulted it to placate a rematch and get the colts. Repeating what revenge keeping pace whip Tom Brady and what are what does that it. What is that it's what does that pigskin. Not by a touchdown play the let's dumbfounded I was really an NFL history lining up for the funds the cold shifted nine players toward the sideline. And then they snapped the ball the middle of the field and not surprisingly. Surprisingly. Getting immediately tackled it was really the beginning of the end but it really it was a dumb thing. The sap. Yeah but it's the 100 hour. The head of the spotlight was they lose vital scored 3427. Patriots stayed undefeated nap snacks the world com. Brad Bradley of course right. That's at a football check out play by New Zealand better known as. All blacks Julian Sunday against the barn smashed just threw three priced at no pats he scored to tie. That's five point. All black hawks had a lot of that embarrassing France 6213 next week in New Zealand faces South Africa the other semifinal game Argentina. Against Australia. We can't was recovered rugby and we did a cover the Michigan Michigan State but they need try to see the Brazilian Guinness was illegally gave a great day did you see it probably woke up at saint. That's all I lives where does that pour punter this morning can hold down acts. I don't. And the cubs talking in Michigan have been a first for sports arena but they'll let us on talk about his image in the what hunter Don Chapman now.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"ABC's Reena Ninan gives her take on some of the latest sports news and highlights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34568775","title":"Sports With Reena ","url":"/WNN/video/sports-reena-34568775"}