Star Confirms Exit From 'Saturday Night Live'

Jason Sudeikis becomes the latest cast member to call it quits.
4:19 | 07/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Star Confirms Exit From 'Saturday Night Live'
Welcome into the -- every one another one bites the dust we're talking about SNL cast members kind of falling like lives. We have another -- attacks in the -- to he made his announcement last night on the Letterman show to collect. I'm I'm I'm deathly -- and I'm I'm I'm the hugely -- him come back next you'll be back in the -- If anybody doesn't recognize him that of course being Jason Sudeikis he is known for his impersonation. Vice President Biden on half an -- he. Went on to say that. Here he wanted to leave but Lorne Michaels convinced him to stay because of the show's brief item that. He hit. And with his impersonation -- not only -- but also Mitt Romney which he did it. Good job -- Bill Hader and Fred Armisen I'll have previously announced that they will not be returning also -- -- new cast it is going to be interest because these are pictures to fill out those three -- of the -- -- them if you think -- should sign up like right before political presidential seasons you can get the upper part and -- that I always ready right away that you were -- approach makes movies like Adam Levine of Maroon 5 singer yes. Takes a lot of models yet of a heartbreaker he's -- a lot of models and in succession looking that he's any doubt that he's -- say they all of the singer right -- apparently. He's got a little hot water he told his ex about model he's engaged to now via text message according to the New York Post. Apparently she's heartbroken by the -- I guess and I mean. That's the I'm not sure which one is the X. -- -- but anyway called beautiful boulevard are now have a broken hearted you know let's talk to a -- call you up an example by the way we at home -- cost him his. Already right yeah. -- sound almost like you're being -- -- right but -- they weren't eating then why does he have to let anybody know that then he's getting married parents find out you find out the last -- eating his. I got a problem here you'll -- analytic go this modeled if they'd go back up problems at the the problem of rich famous yes. But -- assistant -- -- of -- movie he made his announcement he made the announcement on the show it will just because nobody really knew that. They -- -- and are expecting a baby -- in his announcement. Everybody just late night with Jimmy Fallon I'm -- -- -- debt down. Dad dad. How -- -- Fallon 38 his wife Nancy 46. Welcomed a baby girl into the world her name when he -- love that name. She was born. Yesterday at 6:21 in the morning. They are said to be overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter it is the first child for the couple who married back in 2007. Now -- just think some people are saying they had never heard that he. They were expecting other wondering there's a little bit of speculation out there whether or not this -- -- dependency -- -- -- adoption. Doesn't matter everybody's happy for them when your area is coming into the wild one way or another and we couldn't be happier so congratulations to you -- Big time can -- Magic Mike did you see the movie and did not but -- upset that day because apparently he heard what you can catch on Broadway house that. Panetta says Channing -- confirming that magic Mike is heading to Broadway apparently and I -- know this but the film based partially on his early days. Well yes that a -- with a stripper. Take it moves -- in the news. All -- the deadline dot com reporting on Tuesday that the Broadway production will use his own experiences over the next twelve years ago at the age of nineteen Tampa Florida. According to -- -- -- -- all of them -- well you look at moves I will let. Continue to regale you with -- of the Broadway productions the show will be produced by Tatum and his partner -- Carolyn and Steven Soderbergh. And -- a -- that this does he want us in the south and he's also you -- your your business that Salmonella -- by the way back went on to gross nearly a 160. Million dollars won't -- I'm reading it didn't run -- now I absolutely have to go watch this movie well now I've got quite aggravated and get -- reaction anyways governor Broadway hands and then get a read the movie oh my -- you better believe I'm gonna -- -- it's gonna watch with you only got respectively.

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{"id":19767297,"title":"Star Confirms Exit From 'Saturday Night Live'","duration":"4:19","description":"Jason Sudeikis becomes the latest cast member to call it quits.","url":"/WNN/video/star-confirms-exit-saturday-night-live-19767297","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}