A Star-Studded US Open

Donald Trump and Oprah were among the many A-listers who attended the match between Venus and Serena Williams.
4:41 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for A Star-Studded US Open
We'll have a game this morning that super star studded US open. Here the Williams sisters bringing out some of the biggest names would. The hottest ticket in town presidential hopeful and native new Yorker Donald Trump made it out to Arthur Ashe stadium in Queens. But getting plenty of Bronx cheers and boos when ESPN showed him a lot on camera I. How Bracey also there with her pal Gayle King unclear. Who was Jennifer serene not there was room for Venus the matches underdog. Kim Kardashian west was also in the house. With younger half sister Kendall Jenner. And comedian Aziz and sorry. Took in some tennis as well one of them. Many celebs who took southeast as they entered the event and then there is actress and model Emily rented house peace my camera she did. So did hip hop musician can get a lot of existing case doctor odds Boulez is there. In case or any injuries of course the average price by the way of a secondary market ticket ended up. Being 933. Dollars according to Forbes that's why we came to work. Ouch that's bracing next tonight's other big event seeking careers first Leach. He kicked things off with the National Anthem including a cameo from its former Comedy Central cohort Jon Stewart's. Kobe or walked out to his house banned state human led by John Batiste. Getting huge applause at the newly renovated Ed Sullivan Theater making short honor his predecessor made them better. I started college the senior Dave started in late night and not having the fullest social calendar. I was frequently available for David 1230. And I'm completely. Cynical and that in turn the page get a late night battles of old by checking into and I don't yeah. That you would never have seen. Letterman let him do though I've truly bad but don't worry career wasn't entirely mr. nice guy he turned on his vocal bear a boy charm. Going after Donald Trump. Look. You don't own me. I don't need to play tape of you to have a successful TV show. Barbara Walters name me bus whenever it is of the it. I really Barbra you are the most whatever it is an all time. This thing. Doesn't mean we have to keep talking about you someone on television should have a modicum of dignity and it could be me. And then something new for pro bear allowing his first guest George Clooney to receive the audience's. Applause which is. Busy remembers something. He was reluctant to do on his previous show. Here could I don't like how we paid homage to his old show and welcome to new elements of the news show it that it was really funny and. I have to admit I was kind of waiting for a mall creators surprises and show up at 40 that would uninteresting and I'll I'll tell you the the whole renovation that he did to the theater. Absolutely be it was beautiful set of sports to ask. What Tom Brady is fighting back rumors that he and his model supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen are heading for divorce and the patriots QB who is now free from the deflate gate scandal. Refuted a report saying Gisele threatened quote here. And nasty and durable. Brady would divorce during that time on a radio show Brady said quote. We're in a great place you look likes to keep couple haven't they not been a great place and Brady at a quote. I'm a lucky man I've been very blessed with support from my family and essar. But this is also the Brady that we got that said you know there was no deflated balls -- banquet room and laughed it off on the radio so. What evenly. I. Mean she's not insult. She was out by his side during the entire scandal whole day old marriage so are finally. This is about Bruno Mars and a report that he might be going for an encore performance. At the Super Bowl. According to billboard some last NFL. Good show but suitable vehicle. Super Bowl 48 it was. If the report holds up should he wouldn't be the only performer when mostly. Show appearances including in that group is your F defined entity Grambling State University marching band but. There are other performers out there. He's very good but we still have like four fifths of one direction that's out there in beyoncé is still out there. Janet Jackson's net you don't want not about what your record.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Donald Trump and Oprah were among the many A-listers who attended the match between Venus and Serena Williams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33621692","title":"A Star-Studded US Open","url":"/WNN/video/star-studded-us-open-33621692"}