Star Has Tearful Goodbye on 'DWTS'

Comedian Andy Dick gets sent home from "Dancing With the Stars."
4:02 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for Star Has Tearful Goodbye on 'DWTS'
And the couple with the lowest combined total of judges' scores and viewer votes. And therefore leaving right now is. And defense -- And here's the -- you're starting out from Dancing With The Stars. And good. -- the -- you know like he was. Wonderfully gracious. He tried it very -- -- every time he was on the dance floor he was winning the hearts left and right but he is definitely not. The winner of those hard to master steps to be sure. Sally he and he's gone and that Kelli Pickler and Derek -- were by the way had immunity -- lakes. -- dead last night apparently still one of the best dances. On the evening even though they knew that they were safe and -- -- not going to be eliminated but there are always wonderful anyways it ended it just for a second because he's so wonderfully funny. Apparently on his way out he said you know every -- and begin really how why how is it that this is happening and I'm still here let's tackle the and -- and that move again Kelly name. The world goes on we -- -- the stars. He did very well -- let's talk about Jason Collins CN BA center who came out this week the first. Athlete in a major US -- tantamount to say he's -- Well apparently he he asked for some advice and he in sinks Lance Bass before -- hit forty came out -- call them up and said hey you know. What would you do. And that essentially Lance Bass said you know he wished he had come out on his own terms that there is a magazine article back when he came out in 2006. And he sort of had its hand forced but he did say I told Collins that. That he should and sit down with groups like glad to get information on how to handle coming out to the public. And and he -- he basically recommended reach out to all these workers and he said that when he came out he thought the I was going to be terrible thing prisoner -- then he had all the support and all the swan plan and really made it did coming out much easier than he expected it. And -- -- -- -- the -- has -- the exact same response he's got an overwhelming support there has been a little push back but. The experts don't think it's really gonna affect his career that -- -- It every -- everybody's an athlete and my gentle about it and feel the exact. It doesn't change that so good for them I like that that's actually happening and -- and hot experts also say more of them might be coming out as well -- just a matter of time. OK let me Kim Kardashian Kanye West -- is once again this is good news conference so. Isn't meant very much -- about to have visit to admit it. Apparently they are asking friends and fans and family to hold up and sending -- any baby gifts. And instead send it to -- look I hope I get this right -- Larry Children's Hospital in Chicago which is near where west grew up. In the basically they say they have enough and instead -- its people who are in need. There's this is according to -- and it is not aware they're going to have the baby but it's starting to sound like it may actually have been at this hospital. -- -- -- -- -- Pat Haslam backfired on me I picked this story knew was supposed to read it somehow the order got switched and I have to read it. What without trial was done that Chelsea Lately recently she talked about well apparently decided up a little bit -- she at a dinner date -- With Chelsea handler and another friend recently in the friend. Apparently a different friend talked about problems at the husband and any advice is pretty shocking take a look. One of her friends like you know I got a bit but -- has been and I went home to slash scream and -- and you're like. What every year deal -- do the opposite if you feel angry go at him with blood and you give him a this -- You might notice that -- did little embarrassment did you know what. There's a lot of men out there saying yep good advice yeah I'm not everybody -- -- -- could that was pretty good.

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{"id":19080585,"title":"Star Has Tearful Goodbye on 'DWTS'","duration":"4:02","description":"Comedian Andy Dick gets sent home from \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/star-tearful-goodbye-dwts-19080585","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}