State Department warns Israel to restrain reaction

ABC News' Molly Hunter is in a Jerusalem with the latest reaction following President Trump's announcement to recognize the city as Israel's capital.
2:30 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for State Department warns Israel to restrain reaction
And the Middle East is on edge this morning one day after president trump to five warnings and officially declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Anti American sentiment is running high among Palestinians and some of America's closest allies are calling on the United Nations to hold an emergency meeting. ABC's Molly hunter joins us from Jerusalem with the latest on all this good morning mind. And good morning that's right it is the biggest news here everyone's talking about it on the cover of every single newspaper here for you got the Jerusalem Post trump on jail and that city is Israel's capped off. And you got Haaretz here US recognizes Jerusalem as the cab of his Ryan here's a picture of the Israeli flag and the American bike actually projected. Onto the walls of Jerusalem's old city the State Department is now warning is route. To restrain its reaction to that announcement to tamp down any anti American sentiment in the region. I have determined. That it is time. To officially recognize. Jerusalem. As to capitol. Of Israel. Well previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise. They failed. To deliver. Today. I am delivering. And just like that in a matter of minutes president trump reverse nearly seventy years of US policy and did what no peace process has ever done named Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He also started a process to move the US embassy no other country on earth has an M. See in Jerusalem we cannot solve our problems. By making the same failed assumptions. And repeating the same failed strategies. Of the past. But the reaction was swift Palestinian president Mathieu that Abbas saying it completely wars that never and the Turkish foreign minister calling it a grave mistake. Britain's prime minister calling it un helpful to the peace process. French president Matt wrong you think it was regrettable view and protect Palestinian burning US and Israeli flags declaring Jerusalem. Their capital and saying the blood of martyrs we the only positive comments overseas. This is an historic. They. Now prime minister Netanyahu is thrilled of course may hear any history is all the shots in the schools are closed in the West Bank a massive general strike. Palestinians have called for three days of rage yesterday today and tomorrow but tomorrow guys after Friday prayers is what we'll be watching. Bank and S and that indeed our thanks Somalia hunter in Jerusalem.

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{"id":51640261,"title":"State Department warns Israel to restrain reaction ","duration":"2:30","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter is in a Jerusalem with the latest reaction following President Trump's announcement to recognize the city as Israel's capital.","url":"/WNN/video/state-department-warns-israel-restrain-reaction-51640261","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}