'Stealth learning' toys

Editor-in-chief for The Toy Insider, Ali Mierzejewski, swings by with a stack of fun new educational toys that can help teach your little ones without them even knowing it.
4:23 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for 'Stealth learning' toys
Cars me again now. She went back to school season fast approaching now is the time to get your kids' brains in gear for the new school year but it doesn't have to be all work. And no play toy insider. At a later in chief Alley Merck jet ski is here this morning with a fresh bats a fun but educational. Self learning. Toys so show us what got so those are done here at our youngest learners getting him ready for preschool before they count. The system beat tech its the mix and match the so RS is what happens as you put these. Little pieces in here and it has. Feeling a dance style and a like a robot arm Monsanto you can mix and match which ones go in naslund also teaches that emotional sensitivity is. And then when he's off that you just turn him months. And he dances and hosting and he walks. He mixes all of these together he'll form a song that goes with all the pieces but you put it thank. And as you very cute. Next up we have the leaps. Billy's certain greedy company is very well it's this ten that you can take with you on the golf yes it comes about these interactive books so when you tap something. With the pen. It shows up on the screen here a while not all. And it'll teach kids about different parts of the body and there's other books as well like reading and math okay. So that's our plan didn't do that as high as well yeah. Does that connected headphones ticket now. I just have volume and Charlie and sitting on hand Arafat he can turn it down if you don't wanna hear any. This is cotton you this is a brain teaser puzzle from fat brain toys. What's really cool about it is that looks like this it's got all kinds of fun colors on on the other side and black and white you can do the puzzles are neither black and way or Mallard. And when you resolving the levels in the book you just move it around town and it all stays together it doesn't come apart this is another good travel and so yeah there. Going on that last summer vacation you wanna keep your kids letting them occupy yes of them they had stuck to put college in the right patterns that match the different puzzles. Okay cool. So this is color chemistry Arctic class upgrade from Crayola receive any is all kinds of cradle things. Model magic different pains to create different science experiments these all winter theme. All right it's C can create snow that sits on trees here I have slush that's being made in. And you can add the salt into it concern up vandals turn it back into the water so that kids can learn how. Salton melts the plus yeah I find her credit yes so everything is winter theme he Lapierre as a shovel. We have all kinds of fun snow that beads and things like that but make it very wintry all ranked fifty experiments in there that kids can do it comes with most of the things you need that a couple household items like the table salt still fund stem activity funds them active running. Speaking yeah. And this is -- like you. Robotics. Builders blitz so these are two models that come in this case it has over 800 pieces but they can build seven different models. While so here I have the raptor and I have our balance it right here so once kids build them up they learn all about it and then they can control it. We have blue suit filed how. So you can drive it and steer it around and this is one of the balancing robots that hill look going our country is on her seat dancing he is Stan didn't. I will sit down he'll become remote control car as well he of the raptor that will walk around then and we've his tail and warrant and kids learn all about coding. And how what they put into the app and how they connected the sick it's made it move. That is incredible and so you said it's 800 pieces its 800 pieces they all snapped together as they're building what's really great about this is these kids are also available for schools. Why are our kids' school might already have it with the you can take these home if you Islam. OK and so that those are obviously two sacks this is noses comes and one that I just what bills to do it builds seven different models and it is just two of the model but it bills solemn cool over these and other self learning ideas you can check out the toy insider dot com. As well our insight W and and fans dot com toy insider editor Heath Allen just keep thank you so much for all of that. We'll be right back off to a who's now. Or no children.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Editor-in-chief for The Toy Insider, Ali Mierzejewski, swings by with a stack of fun new educational toys that can help teach your little ones without them even knowing it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64849302","title":"'Stealth learning' toys ","url":"/WNN/video/stealth-learning-toys-64849302"}