Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida Over Zimmerman Verdict

In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, the Grammy winner will not perform in Florida.
2:52 | 07/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida Over Zimmerman Verdict
But that does any everyone you know we've been talking in the news about the Zimmerman verdict and all the pop up that's been happening from coast. That's really an an overseas and say you know with some parts of the country as well as well now it's hit Hollywood. In more ways than one we've got this from a Stevie Wonder saying that he vows to stay out of Florida until that state repeals the stand your ground -- it was a center. Of the -- -- stand your ground law essentially what. The army claims to be doing wet heat -- allegedly shot and character and I'm -- Now this is a quote from Steve he says I decided today that until the stand your ground -- abolished in Florida I will never performed there again. As a matter of fact what have I find a life exist I will not perform in that state or in that part. Of the -- so -- -- we will not be able to defeat Stevie Wonder guys if your state has -- stand your ground you know Steve. He -- just. And he is not a -- -- one you know just as much use some that it is significantly less talented. Then Stevie get good -- you -- -- I still lovers -- Well I know I yet. She's sitting here this is very -- -- out that she's she's -- Beds -- -- -- nothing about saying my heart goes out to -- about Martin's family. And loved one's thoughts and prayers being sent their way hash tag no justice well some folks did not like this. And lightweight event here this person this tweet -- -- A bit like when your dad got OJ said -- Calamity Jane wrote well her defense that was completely different because -- brought her family money and fame. And then someone named CG -- Kim -- hey how's OJ doing did you pray for Ron Goldman Nicole brown and their families to -- She -- and at what he really it's kinda behind this kind of -- argue with some of that. -- a little bit concerning her dad was the game really well known and infamous in some circles for helping OJ get -- -- it doesn't have that have been ninety's so let me that was to. Probably the last -- a high high profile case that was this racially charged. Probably since it you know we in our generation air that I can remember it Rodney King OJ nothing about mothers and of the three -- -- has not responded yet we'll see if she does but the. -- related to fall -- continued -- mama. This and yeah I am -- handled. All right so happy news nothing is now forms is just published its list of Hollywood's highest paid actress and coming in at number one is dropped -- -- Robert Downey junior there he is with an estimated seven -- million dollars in earnings. He is he on number one -- -- out the top three is Channing Tatum and number two in Hugh Jackman. At number 30. What a good life they lead the hopeful that kind of money it's I don't want to. That circle off our hands -- really can't comment.

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{"id":19684914,"title":"Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida Over Zimmerman Verdict","duration":"2:52","description":"In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, the Grammy winner will not perform in Florida.","url":"/WNN/video/stevie-boycotts-florida-19684914","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}