Must-Have Stocking Stuffers

Toy insider mom Laurie Schacht has inexpensive ideas for stocking stuffers that are big hits this holiday season.
4:32 | 12/22/16

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Transcript for Must-Have Stocking Stuffers
Welcome back as you know one of the essentials this Christmas is us docking bowl full of goodies in here with some ideas for stopping any stopping. This large tracts but toy insider -- February that cut realities to you say he YouTube and I can tell you mean. So that every guest gets the went for the kids play with a long has become a red head of the stocking you know mixture sit. It's frustrating for many parents and where does start with soft things so I don't know me hearing we're gonna play with Salam. Finger puppets from the chronicle that the money exit just putting on Christmas greens forced storytelling. There easy at night mom determine our van when you're traveling OK OK and we can have a lot of fun playing together it would be so frustrating the price bands. Thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars on the kids' gift and then this is their favorite thing. Yeah don't be surprised yeah that's surprises these are wonders surprise it himself. I'm what's in here you don't know me know it's not not to now so when a man asking you is copying me and I wanted to. Statistic uphold this was just a touch. While we had these cute little plush animals and patty. And now we have something funds again. And I can out physical activity should be taking place all the time. Facts are so this is our flat ball OK so weakened isn't happy and that's exactly what does so I'm gonna push into a desk. Tia but you don't know when it's going to turn into global electoral just had to hang out that he will now I do you guessed it recordable also a lot of time and you know I can't in nineteen dollar item that's nice and yeah. Cancer is something that I was used to say no to now very very good at saying yes this is answers and a house. So we have been nice sandwiches it's all but appearance of hot wheels on these little mini set so listen don't kidneys are all but even then. Yeah. Seeks its statement characters you hamster three hamsters born. On the toilet Peter yeah. Yeah. And it course it was is. And then it'll Gaudin I have an elevator over here at bingo. I think that that happened there. We even have a little card here he can drive the hands of the anger that hamstrung I had. Except except except except except that the testing that's been that's the item will try to break okay. Well I didn't just go up. Source dinosaurs are so great kids really love to play with these different to collect slightly makes his great collection this little box comes of the puzzle that the kids put together. And for durable diners. It's one of these. It's hand painted to finish it off so there's a lot of deep down. And when you look honey and income and the time it is a lot of imaginative play forget again. It's a big travel season. Throw these in the bag it's gonna keep your kids busy in the car in the regular aren't yes and I can't for the iPad there they'll want they won't play with this okay okay. I want to introduce you to magic me knees and collectibles are big personalities. Sell what we push their head to Tennessee on their ballet. How they lets you have written and I pushed one and the other one is responding then address this month. Does respond to any applying packs filled with cooler this is their peet's that. They let us know they like it by the collar on their belly so lots of them to collect yeah that's seeking get little play sets like this but again I mean. You know just little pieces and the kids just love them some of these beaches they did lead agent with the colors of their valley Hossa and finally let dimensions. So this way we're actually using their digital and physical world aunt and B star and on packs so what we do you can't have to. Actually build we have a ghost buster packet when a very little deals faster guys are hot on the fantastic beasts and where to finance so you need a starter set is there and on packs but what the continuing hammers they're getting more vehicles more characters. So I'm lots more content in the video game. The before they play that video game they have to build their character it's just amazing how Legos have many would maintain they have they have and Andrew the time one of the biggest toy companies in the we're sorry yes. Are very cool yet. Considerable segment any break anything. That's as we reported Friday yeah. That's a threat ever that's a anguish written toy insider mom thank you so much yet our past while. C. So let ever that yet. They're gone from America George yeah. Well.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Toy insider mom Laurie Schacht has inexpensive ideas for stocking stuffers that are big hits this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44341767","title":"Must-Have Stocking Stuffers ","url":"/WNN/video/stocking-stuffers-44341767"}