Strange, New Foods Introduced for Holiday Season

Turkey and cranberry stuffed inside a spiced pumpkin doughnut is among new treats available.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Strange, New Foods Introduced for Holiday Season
Aren't -- Thanksgiving is coming up to. This season to even be married to be honest with you it's not really the time to start experimenting with your food because he wanted to be right especially if you're hosting and if you're not posting you're going to -- -- he just wanted to taste good you don't want anything. Funky -- -- that you never tried before. Well the next story just -- that right out the window because they're gonna show you a couple of pictures the different companies have decided to. Do things a little differently from the Taliban -- He's probably -- then you'll love it feels like -- Halloween because the drug treatment entry tickets up for launch a new limited edition of some flavors. They're looking madam sweet cinnamon entertainment chocolate -- -- -- -- -- I've tried them yes and -- sour cream and I think because it's a chip everybody is just it that's why he asked when I got what do you know what I wouldn't put that -- -- -- so why would I put on quite sure how we view the Lansing anything. -- athletics pitcher that we had here looks like. -- -- -- -- -- Looks good got some -- on top of Scotland he might look like some really nice icing around the corners check this out this isn't any globe's style. Feast which comprises layers of masks. Turkey and mashed potato mashed sweet potato. -- -- -- didn't Marshall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah the massive Turkey played over the bottom remain -- -- -- And then we have a -- a bakery which has decided here -- New York that they thought that maybe some people wanted to try Thanksgiving dinner hall and why it's so tough. They put it. Turkey and and very inside -- -- spiced pumpkin and don't too. Turkey and cranberry in the don't look inside the -- and it doesn't sound up and I think how about this Turkey and gravy inside of it. That's how about the Turkey gravy in the -- observed. A pass on that separate these things for slight Tug hill a lot of bikes. I tell you know -- going. Prompts you get from various web service as an upgrade this we want your information can't go home to me that's an exception decline -- work to do that just wanna look at it. Well some people are fed up with YouTube always making you want to get your Google account now comedy group the caretakers. Does -- does human depiction of the annoyance factor involved listening. It and what I think -- dollar how about joining movie -- Google to get -- rush hour no problems and others as you another time. The other guy in the red wings -- he had. Who will never -- -- always saying you want you out. So many so many services to this triathlon on -- -- -- his -- when you get these kinds of prompts white. Phone -- you great excitement it's like the worst pop ups --

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{"id":21026635,"title":"Strange, New Foods Introduced for Holiday Season","duration":"3:00","description":"Turkey and cranberry stuffed inside a spiced pumpkin doughnut is among new treats available.","url":"/WNN/video/strange-foods-introduced-holiday-season-21026635","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}