A Subway Rider Gets Revenge

A woman holding a door open gets kicked off.
1:12 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for A Subway Rider Gets Revenge
I'm ecstatic anyone who takes the subway or commuter train anywhere here in the US are in the world for that matter -- today. It's gonna look pretty mean when you see it but -- but also you kinda like secretly like yes. I've ever seen anybody hold up the train just really rude holding the door you late for work you gotta go once and knuckle heads holding the door. You're not -- it says it was. Was posted on videos before you died website people claim that this woman. -- -- -- Literally -- adding that nobody clubs like you can. -- yeah. I admit it but I'm sure he's -- on that train coming on that's about right. -- -- That just surely can't hold up. 55 people will -- you decide it's time to pull out -- that lady on the inside is really lucky that that door closes quickly as it did yes. -- into looking as coming back for more -- good idol down and he -- it really was. -- really quickly want to show you at least one of these really cute video -- -- pictures this is a dad who started a blog. About kids is search engines that -- at the bottom says he didn't want to share his leg hole absolutely hilarious.

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{"id":20540054,"title":"A Subway Rider Gets Revenge","duration":"1:12","description":"A woman holding a door open gets kicked off.","url":"/WNN/video/subway-rider-revenge-20540054","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}