Sully's new mission

Many are wondering what's next for George H.W. Bush's loyal service dog after spending the last months of the former president's life by his side. ABC News' Terrell Brown reports.
3:04 | 12/04/18

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Transcript for Sully's new mission
And back to the capitol this morning in the rotunda. Former president George H. W. Bush lies in state there. All night long the rotunda will be open we're hearing there about a hundred people in their right now paying their respects. Blank is yet again it's people's notable night in the middle of the night. Flags at the White House in the capital have been lowered to half staff in his honor and of course we'll have continuing coverage right here on ABC. Quite an incredible testament to his legacy in as we saw earlier the bush family is there in Washington along with. Their most recent addition to the fans began selling. Have a loyal service dog had been with the former president since June and now many are wondering what comes next for the beloved dot. As the bush stood together selling the late president's yellow lab stood dutifully but is it to see his own draw on his final journey. A good bye after months together time spent during the summer in Maine. Time cheering on the Houston Astros even a moment or two in the voting Booth as President Bush cast his final vote last month. Bush senior was a dog lover even before selling joined his stamp. During his tenure at the White House he famously own milling in English Springer Spaniel with her own book selling even read. But Bush's most recent pup was more than a companion sowing. Bring but Bush's most recent pup was more than a campaign. So it was specially trained to assist the president with his parkinson's symptoms in his final months of. Once they're trained they allowed owners to do things than they normally would never do go out to public go to the movies go shopping in the store simple things that we take from brand and. With Bush's death comes a new adventure for selling. The foundation they're trained and announce Monday that you'll return to New York to learn new skills. Eventually going on to help wounded veterans at Walter Reed national military medical sensor the nation's largest military medical sensor. Dogs are wonderful in this because. The emotional attachment that people out what. Before that happens though selling may get one last chance to say goodbye to his adoring owner. Selling could possibly a -- Bush's funeral because of the Americans with disabilities act that bush himself signed in 1990. Service animals are allowed inside the national could feed. In the meantime Kansas silly can check out his NC grand pains 166000. Dollars and counting. And I've got a feeling that now that Sally has gotten. That's numbers in her eyes the eyes and and I think too we're gonna see him at the not looking through. MacKenzie OK let's just keep going through his page and all I wanna see for the rest of the morning if if if people look at him up on the high. He is a really really really cute. And even beyond him being so greatness are such a great pearl. This former president and how amazing and that I came full circle like that that bush signed into law the ability for service dogs to be there in the capital so. Could work selling Gifford and hopefully we'll see among winds that.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Many are wondering what's next for George H.W. Bush's loyal service dog after spending the last months of the former president's life by his side. ABC News' Terrell Brown reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59593802","title":"Sully's new mission","url":"/WNN/video/sullys-mission-59593802"}