Summer travel tips

You can still plan a vacation right now and save some serious bucks doing it. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to travel expert Courtney Scott.
3:49 | 07/20/20

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Transcript for Summer travel tips
After months in quarantine we're all ready for a vacation. One look at the rent ten. So for the aspiring Clark Griswold of the world. Derek some silver linings when it comes to travel in a post coated nineteen world right. There aren't you note. Typically we can't book flexible travel because it's too expensive refundable tickets are the most expenses but there actually many deals out there. Not just forty to 50% off. Hotel rates but also. Three cancellation and flexible policies that we've never really seen at this level before. So maybe a good way to cure the quarantine blues is to book some flexible travel Expedia is seeing some exciting news as where we can travel up. And still get a deal first stop. Lost fan yes. So what we're seeing is Las Vegas as open motorists. Travelers and some incredible discounts the weight. Force that hotels like the cosmopolitan and are looking like it when he percent off discount sleep is today. But as low as 170 dollars a night for a studio at the tanks and this speaks he's in summer as if you remember these are fantastic grades. The idea except five star resort and we're seeing the rates as low as 99 dollars an odd guests. So that's optimistic he is. Or if you're looking for a little force base in the Oregon coast is the perfect place to hit the road and in fact it's your social distancing in nature exploring and risking fantastic grades in Oregon coast. As low as a 150 dollars a night for clerks are without. Or let's say your ready for a big adventure. Thirty. So Alaska as is usually homes to. Doesn't travelers who act disembarking from Chris is that as we now cruises are all canceled this summer so it's really exciting time. TV in Alaska and that's led to now announce national heart. On flights roundtrip from Los Angeles T and grades are as low as a 189 dollars ins and keeps them or time so you know these are all. Other tedious if you liar if you are looking to travel. The great outdoors and it and escape like that I think. Policies with regards to health and and sanitation and I mean it's not there are offering virtual travel agents that allow YouTube. But here I did eureka as we all now. Calling an airliner calling a hotel company right now you're going to be on the fun for several hours of this lag well that. That process a little that we're seeing less and Expedia has unlocked a messaging cup component. -- allow other people two to discuss hotels directly with the hotel owner. To find out which amenities may be an elbow out how things went at a bobbled in the hotels based so these are things. Give people the knowledge that he'll come don't want to go ahead and but check. And looking ahead to the future. Technologies how bing has gained competent Ali travel in this new normal also Texas travel will be on the rise. The biometric screenings as opposed to going is security teaching your. Trays and living and through. Q this entry into hotel rooms. And sanitation robots immediately be seeing more and more right this type. Odd travel. In when he tourney and an as we move into this. This new landscape that is unknown but there are going to be exciting technological advancements that allow us to travels.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"You can still plan a vacation right now and save some serious bucks doing it. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to travel expert Courtney Scott.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71874546","title":"Summer travel tips","url":"/WNN/video/summer-travel-tips-71874546"}