Surprise! Beyonce Unexpectedly Drops New Album

With no promotion or hype, Beyonce releases her fifth album.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Transcript for Surprise! Beyonce Unexpectedly Drops New Album
We start this game it's something a bit unprecedented beyond -- Has dropped a new album -- -- crazy to you and the fact that we hadn't heard about it. That's why this is unprecedented so would start to seem like she just wanted to have no filter no propaganda and lots of media involved. Just want it to the day she dropped it left the world now and probably figure out just how popular she is so anyway. A little different with what she did she released fourteen songs and album but there are seventeen visually stunning and -- videos to go around at each of these. And each of these -- -- that that are part of the album this person they're seeing the sun is jealous of stimulus. So there's fourteen -- in seventeen videos around trying to squeeze as many here is we can this and video that you're seeing here is for another song called blow. There's also another song featuring her daughter which is adorable called blue -- -- -- blue eyed -- I. See her a lot of her obviously just can't see her being picked up in her in the back lots of pictures of lighting have always been -- AC -- again. So that's that's just the sweeter side and there's this video -- this song that's been out for quite some time featured in that Pepsi commercial called grown woman will now beyoncé has released. Together with his new album kind of like a bonus video for that song -- grown women. And -- area six. It's meaning you know it's unprecedented because it's cool and it's snowing it's and it's haven't really done this before but also all these -- attached to the -- I think it's -- It's but it makes -- nice. Susan Sarandon and -- yes she likes to -- do we. Deceased until it's not my. -- -- again and in bad you have I don't watch what happens live Wednesday host Andy -- -- and a name one major Hollywood event that you showed up to stone a boy she replied only one I would say almost all except the -- let's listen. Name one major Hollywood event that you showed up to its don't. Only -- Hamas all except the Oscars okay. I'll continue lonely yeah why the Oscars is a series -- does that -- in that respect that but yeah I tell you what I would wanna wrestle with -- We induced bowed out of paranoia at an awards show is already. And I know we'll all have to back. It is sad about not being paranoid about your public image at all Arnold Schwarzenegger decided -- was at. -- and -- national finals rodeo that he would jump on a mechanical us. And taken. Check it out. He can hardly keep district say that museum there is just the fun video 66 year old roommate is on an the a -- course dinners baked have a little bit of fun. Good for -- I got another -- to show you talk about six pack. Elgin Baylor -- put it. She's stunning look at that look -- Since super woman she works a million jobs got that big family she keeps this up that fit. Anyway she's got more like an eight -- -- he's seen today is an inspiration for -- in the -- reach for another hot. He -- violation is relentless at the gym I was lucky enough to be in the same gym -- her many moons ago. I was in I was out she still on the -- and she's dynamo she -- added the entire time I was there I was beaten. Don't get it by accident and right now that doesn't happen -- -- work an -- she is there ever.

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{"id":21204318,"title":"Surprise! Beyonce Unexpectedly Drops New Album","duration":"3:00","description":"With no promotion or hype, Beyonce releases her fifth album.","url":"/WNN/video/surprise-beyonce-unexpectedly-drops-album-21204318","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}