Sweet Ideas for Holiday Treats

Food and Lifestyle Expert Marla Meridith visited the World News Now studio to whip up some delicious desserts for the holidays!
3:55 | 12/22/15

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Transcript for Sweet Ideas for Holiday Treats
With just days to go until Christmas many of us have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads right now. They're probably the image of his jacket bringing their brains apologies of that joining us with some sweet ideas for the holiday is food and lifestyle rural Marla Meredith Barlow welcome. I decided to get all dressed up for you. You know I've been found this test that can eyebrow that someday actually live on us at a ski resort and I'd like to ski down a hell wearing that it definitely would be a member of. Hit on the health best absolutely. Tried to look sweet ensued and this is the sweetest. Great well today we're talking about amazing holiday desserts that you can without really quickly for those in prompting gas there. Shani you know is so and it really quick there he made enough it did you haven't made it out at you need to like get out it really quickly. What we have for. It's a simple cure me see you and all we've done is been taken lady fingers right wing dipped them in sounds piping hot espresso break month by the way. And and we simply make a poll. Display at them and a brown sugar sweetened last opponent she what's basketball. It's actually if I got creamy got me. Amazing whipped cream kind of interesting thing and it's an aunt classic Italian cheese but it doesn't taste like she's still at that does it taste like I don't receive. Tasteless of the Tammy said look at that body and yes it's OK and now doubt that and I didn't eat it. Person in America and are pretty got lots of questions right you got it out. Next up we have something that we can actually work on together through it okay Lott asked what I get like to falter Emilia are dirty what mattered so. What we have it is a typically call them eaten mask but what it would happy fees or even masked her face. And typically what you happened here would be meringue but those could be part of finely realized when they were. Creating the set just so we have don't it's in Staten which everyone must act we're gonna layer with crane shake it shake out here with crane. And out dual layer cranberry sauce. Well uses that my mine two months now it's like the fast and then cancer cranberry sauce let's listen to the members asked for now we're just gonna swap. Like I'll use a cranberry first. Kelly yes your perfect and a tropical. This sets out. I think her friends them and that you have your cranberry Eton mess part baze went. Don't have told them to that says yes senate pretty easy it's super dupers apparently. OK so and look how great he want to like tiger we have been here too if anyone ever wants to track and that we have. Quick and easy pumped him pudding we get mistake instant pudding mix it with pumpkin Perrier chapel with that with naming Graham cracker. He had gas right we have chocolate sandwich cookies with a cinnamon homemade frosting IE me ethical so quickly butter. So there could be done for anybody. A right and then you have broiled hair this way. Ginger whipped cream and naps. OK so easy Saudi the first of these so what you do wish you cook those with set on the east of some batter Adam brown sugar. From under the broiler for five minutes and any topic with a ginger whipped cream and not sort of come to realize is that basically the key to any dessert is just sugar butter. And a little bit to create what could be and then some hasn't gotten a little bit of crimes just to have a. Check make it seem think I'm going exactly sort of like the equivalent of the suit all you need is a little bit there reindeer. A little a few patterns catch snowflakes and it's it's like Christmas for a Pall over. Army could well I think you so much. Thank you hurt sad thing is that spray this on him the thing was my haircut going in my mouth that what Leon that when I was trying to do this. My fellow merited thank you. At reducing America's steel maker's foot locker room is now.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Food and Lifestyle Expert Marla Meridith visited the World News Now studio to whip up some delicious desserts for the holidays! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35902527","title":"Sweet Ideas for Holiday Treats","url":"/WNN/video/sweet-ideas-holiday-treats-35902527"}