Swimming with sharks

Following this summer's attacks and sightings, what do we really know about sharks? ABC News’ Will Ganss gets in the tank with the predators just in time for Shark Week.
4:17 | 07/31/19

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Can I say that's all that terrorists live promo on Twitter overnight house like wait what should. What's she gonna talk about. I hit it that's so funny because I actually thought of says frank came downstairs and I was thing is this all. No payments that come with that amounts yeah. I got that confirmed that I'm a stay up for that one whole way but there in the past week. We reported on the beach closures due to shark sightings and at least two shark attack. Behind this summer sensational shark attack headlines what do we really know about these creatures Arnold will Ganz went diving with sharks and joins us with some answers good morning well. Good morning and good morning to all of you yelled we are sinking our teeth into shark week this morning swimming with the sharks at the Long Island aquarium to get some insight. Into the latest wave of those shark related headlines. Tonight it deadly shark attacked the shark attack shark attack wish. Shark attacked her earlier this month he's lucky to have his arm after an encounter with the sharks we've seen all these headlines more sharks being sighted than ever before it seems like. What is going on. I wouldn't necessarily say that there are more sharks I would say that there are more eyes. And cameras directed towards the water than ever before. The odds are astronomical you're more likely to be struck by lightning or be injured by now than by a shark and even still shark attacks and do have been so before we jumped into the Tank Johnson the Long Island aquarium. We had to ask how can you protect yourself. Flashy jewelry is definitely something that might draw in the attention of a shark. His you have to imagine the bait fish should be sharks are going after a flash in the water and that is something that is. Going to be telltale sign her predator colors like yellow and orange and stand out really well. And keepers flashing through a minimum all your signaling to any predator in the area. Is that you are an animal in distress. Are there are sharks out there that are hunting people now there are not sharks out there that are actively hunting swim in fact most shark attacks. Last less than a second in the rare case the attack continues it pays to fight back. Going after their eyes Gil and it's now. Are three very sensitive areas but the truth of the matter is that humans are doing far more damage to sharks. And they are to us told me about twelve species of sharks are considered a threat to people a quarter of all shark species. Are threatened with extinction due to overfishing and habitat loss which is why experts encourage folks like you and I to educate ourselves. And may be conquer a fear or two while Brett. The best thing you can do for any sort of fear is to expose yourself that here once you're in the water he sharks. You truly see them in a different life. And so we didn't just in time for shark week. We're submerged. Surrounds it. Swimming when his arms. Sand tiger sharks and nurse shark some more than nine feet long my god. Our guide saying the sharks around this is a sense three organ near their snouts to pick up on electrical impulses emitted by their prey. Hoping that when we got nervous you're cops. It wouldn't come after us luckily our guide this right sharks really are gentle giants and serenely swimming off to insulate they're certainly. Yet won't back on dry land I can safely say that that was one of the coolest and most educational assignments I've ever had enlisted. Although it might seem a little bit scary there's a silver lining in this recent wave of shark sightings experts saying it indicates that the waters near beaches are getting cleaner. And water quality is improving Kenneth today. I definitely warmer as well attracting those sharks more eyes more cameras will. Just peace there are brought out also learn of few things here I can't tell where all my Blaine a hot I can't frolic in the water like I like to do in the shallow end. Also learning about. How the shark sightings are getting reporters out about will swimming with sharks we saw will Reeve earlier this month all right tagging sharks off Cape Cod then are we thought I. Earlier this month living with your next worst of the shark comes up regularly get a Mac.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Following this summer's attacks and sightings, what do we really know about sharks? ABC News’ Will Ganss gets in the tank with the predators just in time for Shark Week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64677183","title":"Swimming with sharks","url":"/WNN/video/swimming-sharks-64677183"}