Taking a night safari in Dubai

ABC News' Kendis Gibson continues his glamorous adventure in the Arabian Peninsula, going on a night safari in Dubai.
4:47 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Taking a night safari in Dubai
We allowed the opening do you ever predict there and we're back at another edition of life out of the rich. And Ken Vinson where we find ourselves in one of the pro in the middle east of the City Council. OK so we showed you part one yesterday have our journey to that first class ticket. On one of the most expensive flights in the world we have to get off somewhere. We had a lot of fun singing dancing and drinking not sleeping so basically release now hunt. But we kept the party going. Not at some swank hotel that is just not like me. But on the outskirts of town related yes this is more me my speed since. We kind of an hour from the dizzying skyscrapers. The line. Of the raven does it. Sixty years after Lawrence ruled Arabia comes Candice this reasoning. Hi dean in one of the greatest alive an olive. It's nice of you to say. Every night dozens of theories here up and these. In authentic turbans and take off in these cultural open top Jeep hughes' Dubai desert conservation. It's an 87 square mile reserve now owned privately by a prince slates of funny was just here in December. So like her. I wanted to connect with nature. If you know six what from what. Paid big boy. Cameras capturing our every move. Wherever Hamlet if they did better at spotting them by now. The tour. Texas deep into the massive former camel farm hello old town no wild camels. And it is else events of the Arabian gives them. It's doubtful. We have more than. Yeah and many other indigenous animals roaming the landscape. And ones and a landscape. As the sun kissed the sand and it was perhaps the most prolonged and unobstructed and beautiful sunsets and I've ever seen. One of the most popular sports in this country this cal in the racing and it. I understand why. The raptors can soar up to 8000 feet and those. It is a 150 miles an hour. We'll tonight a demonstration of how they attack him 3000. Feet up to 10% of its body weight. Three minutes. The adventure continuing after nightfall we are out here in the Arabian Desert on a nighttime safari. You can't syndicate. It was brilliant idea it was a to have a black man didn't nighttime safari for bonds will. Any loss of camel that. Warm. Has vitamin C but apparently it helps impotence and. The buffet style include a range of lamb beef and Campbell. Well this a vegetarian but it's totally embraced as local entertainment and. Performers from a nearby town teaching us how to play this traditional drums yeah. Hello. Yeah. Network. And quickly giving up. Resumed its Arabic word please make its Anderson. The internationals. In the end it was quite an adventure. And there are not everything is out here there Steve looking for my queen. Then. Beyond spent. I'm coming for you very. Marie. There is something extra in a camel milk effecting until a path to. We think though where they camels know Campbell there were. Some gavels but I my producer producer Chris who's here with me he got on the camel you see in there he embraced it. But they stunk so bad that anyone to go anywhere near news. California thought they smelled. It smelled way to embed itself and Chris enjoyed it does. And drumming skill than about it. And before kid who's like I'm done I cannot work like this through.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson continues his glamorous adventure in the Arabian Peninsula, going on a night safari in Dubai.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52926348","title":"Taking a night safari in Dubai","url":"/WNN/video/taking-night-safari-dubai-52926348"}