What Do You Do With a Tattoo of an Ex-Girlfriend?

One man turns a tattoo of his girlfriend's face into a skull after they break up.
2:54 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for What Do You Do With a Tattoo of an Ex-Girlfriend?
Title shot -- -- horrible in the next graduation season and everybody's graduating and. We got our own special yes we did eighty. Kennedy matter yes Katie and saying we're gonna bring out here -- come on talk about a quick look -- -- to art teen years and -- Cairo hotel around there and CEO Larry I had totally I don't bet you yes congratulations masters for fun and -- he -- -- -- documentary. This documentary is gonna make it into so many film festivals and it's going to win you all -- -- awards -- -- probably try to -- your graduating today I saw the documentary. And it is absolutely amazing thing he's. Very very lucky to have you she's gonna leave a soon to -- today. The -- and they did say I'm. I think you didn't that we got. Unlike indictment and that that -- -- to get a job. To use our department and obviously very got to be real careful about what you get tattooed and they always say don't get your boyfriend or your girlfriend tattooed -- some. Some people do it any -- -- check out this courtesy of the Huffington Post about the picture. The guy won't give his name but he gave the -- -- post says that basically that that was his girlfriend Jennifer. And it rather than go through painful laser removal -- broke off course. Think turned her silhouette I don't know what you call that -- demons I don't I have a bottoming process yeah and so the name Jennifer is gone. The Stacy -- -- is Jennifer and they live in and yet it's that's one creative way. I agree with this creative way to yourself stuck with her -- -- what he did get back together. Yeah and it's not the most attractive face again this -- but -- -- that the bottom line is never. Together and we got -- that let -- so yeah. That game but it never ever ever put -- -- on your body and someone -- -- -- -- -- not a good idea and not at all OK so this this is and a wonderful story it's you know you always hear about waitresses who end up with -- incredible tip from somebody if somebody's you know. Splits a lottery ticket -- what we have a story about a woman who she added. It's on our way to Italy now because of the strangers tipped about an -- -- exactly locks thousand. She was talking about how she's from Italy she's you know been kind of stuck in -- -- -- -- job forever she has. Like this art degree that she got anything and she's been working as a waitress unfortunately this is where she ended up. Well the spurs didn't like the story apparently got a lot of -- thousand dollar tip -- the end that this is for your trip to Italy there did enjoy it and she is headed. Very -- tables. College and nobody said immediately Alley sometime -- did as good looking and that's probably. We read about -- -- hey listen to this real quick out practice makes perfect according to a new study. Apparently talent makes more important and no matter how much practice they sick people -- talent. We'll surpass. Sounds kind of depressing.

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{"id":19231131,"title":"What Do You Do With a Tattoo of an Ex-Girlfriend?","duration":"2:54","description":"One man turns a tattoo of his girlfriend's face into a skull after they break up.","url":"/WNN/video/tattoo-girlfriend-19231131","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}