Taylor Swift Debuts New Music on Special Stream

The pop star shows up new songs and announces new album on livestream.
3:15 | 08/19/14

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Transcript for Taylor Swift Debuts New Music on Special Stream
Welcome back on this Tuesday time for this -- leading off with Taylor Swift -- yellow light stream in concert in front of a very enthusiastic crowd -- on her every word. And for good reason -- -- what does a lot going on lately she's got a new album coming out and has revealed that title 1989. Y. Because it's of course the -- she was born she's a baby in Manhattan there. That was an -- did prepared to -- mirrored Haiti's main mission premiered over newest song and music video we're gonna certainly -- it's -- Shake -- off Nicholas. -- -- -- We think she's channeling her inner -- than ever that jacket -- anyway it's Taylor Smith. Shaking it up an obvious jab at summer critics -- very eclectic array of styles their -- -- country. The new album is due out to the end of October but she's got some more big news to share be sure to tune in to Good Morning America for major exclusive announcement. And next to some breaking news of a budding partnership that's turning heads everywhere in the world of music a very unlikely candidates are still McCartney Kanye West apparently had been secretly recording tracks they could develop into an album this. According to the New York Post. No comment yet from either -- Sir Paul had previously disclosed that he would be interested in collaborating with the rapper but who knew -- -- such a self described -- in Virginia. You aren't more breaking news to share now funnyman Kevin Hart is officially engaged his girlfriend of five years and -- -- parish heart condition news when he posted this picture of the happy couple and that impressive rock. The future mrs. hardest sporting big Rain Man they were celebrating her thirtieth birthday with friends and family -- and everybody's surprised areas. Kevin aren't getting down -- -- -- popping the question contracts have been involved. And a snapshot now one of movie stars humble beginnings just before he got his big break that's right guardians of the galaxy star Chris -- Couldn't wait for directors -- that -- bringing this season game he posted its own basement. He actually used to live in bat Scooby Doo van when he was homeless. Waiting tables in Maui rough like -- Hawaii Pratt says the script in his hands what got him to Hollywood. Andy was more -- that none other than the Bubba Gump shrimp company when he met actress raid on Shaanxi offered him apart. And of course the rest is history so you've got to movie themes plain out here along with Scooby -- And I wanted to -- see the inside is just the big patents. Big Mac person sagging and sagging climbing a sentencing -- -- celebrating their big day today. Topping our celebrity birthday list legendary rock drummer cream. Chipmaker turned 75 President Bill Clinton 68 today there John -- -- turns 51 and actor Matthew Perry of friends -- turns 45. Happy birthday at all.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"The pop star shows up new songs and announces new album on livestream.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25032429","title":"Taylor Swift Debuts New Music on Special Stream","url":"/WNN/video/taylor-swift-debuts-music-special-stream-25032429"}