Taylor Swift Excused From Jury Duty in Nashville

The pop star missed the VMAs for jury duty in Nashville, but was dismissed due to her pending sexual assault suit.
4:36 | 08/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift Excused From Jury Duty in Nashville
We're concerned the skinny with T swift reporting for jury duty the ten time Grammy abort when Eric. This pastures civic obligation. In Nashville yesterday to get her but unlike the rest of us showing up for jury duty she. First posted. For posed for photographs and videos with fans before heading inside the criminal courthouse doesn't have been few and her 900 right now operates at a news report that he swift what is called on to be a prospective juror for a trial and during jury selection as she described her occupation as. Songwriter well. We'll get a witness tells. That she was reportedly dismissed because of her own pending sexual assault case involving a Colorado radio DJ. The claims he was fired from a job over false allegations that he grabbed swift during a photo shoot three years ago not because she's a celebrity. Next there may be a few bumps in the road ahead for bachelor Ben and his fiancee Lauren Michelle yet there is a new teaser goes out for their upcoming reality TV show Ben and Lauren happily ever after. But apparently Ben has a secret he has to first get off his chest. The bachelor zone then mind mostly home after the final rose isn't reality hits there's one big thing that you don't know. Produced so whenever that secret issue. We'll wait and see that in large happily ever after is scheduled to premiere on October 11 at 8 PM on reform reform being part of the Disney network. Channels. Next to the celebrity action at the US open here in the year city. So Kenneth Ira lucky to be in the house as Phil Collins this coral for the crowd. And everyone went well he enjoyed it so much and he wasn't the only celebrity there you have Phil Collins singing. Listen to send. That wasn't performing here with the lovely Adam junior you got Anna wintour in the crowd Baldwin in the crowd Susan Sarandon in the crowd her sunglasses on. And who doesn't want to get on the Jumbotron right guess so. The trailer we we figured we noticed the pattern Anna wintour with her sunglasses on yet another designer last year when also had last Amazon and stranded so we decided we get in on the act. While we're there inside of the emirates weeks we were ready we were ready for a big button Jumbotron known ever got on to the Jumbotron did not. Happened but we had a good time anyway. This we love to enjoy and we watched the match we enjoyed watching Phil Collins early on will then along channel Colin rocking out to in the air and say yeah. This is doing one of the jam break down had a good. Loved every second. But we got credit and watch this video back on the way back over my right shoulder DC who and that is. We had so much fun rocking out to build content son and husband realized Susan Sarandon. The behind us. The whole time that are being of course is that when she did come on the Jumbotron reset their right. It or not all the numbers and that Susan Sarandon wearing sunglasses so just quickly with a Diana fund that this. Consent it was about it. Sitting right there watching the whole game around trying to winner Susan serenity as many hands Anna wintour helping others but little did we know that she was right there behind us and then. What were found out. Think of great men could've taken a creep a picture Mike. Both what match there is tennis. But I mean oh we should put at Novak Djokovic was playing an opening night Djokovic and Jana Vick yes and Djokovic won but. Yes it did give him quite a challenge even though their seeds or could not be for their part sound. Very very looking to lunch it was it was very nice very well matched watch us. Outlet in the USO Bennett. Kim Kardashian was there and you didn't think she's on the same story about. I answer and then. They're watching right now and was Kennison then he's watching right now realize that Shearson right. So while she and her husband kind yea where in town for Sunday night's MTV and US open and they managed to score for normal loft. Apartment in Manhattan through every envy for free. The apartment valued at around thirty million dollars normally rents for 100000 dollars a month. Kim posted some snapshots shots of herself waking up in a loft and enjoying the sun India joining rooftop garden because it has been of those. Yes or the couple reportedly has cut a deal with every Emmy for free stays just about anywhere in exchange for the considerable publicity they can generate. They're just like us.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The pop star missed the VMAs for jury duty in Nashville, but was dismissed due to her pending sexual assault suit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41738156","title":"Taylor Swift Excused From Jury Duty in Nashville","url":"/WNN/video/taylor-swift-excused-jury-duty-nashville-41738156"}