Technology in the Driver's Seat

ABC's Tina Trinh checks out the latest car tech at the New York Auto Show.
2:30 | 04/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Technology in the Driver's Seat
Easter weekend here in new doctors and just time for Easter baskets and new Easter bonnet. It's also time for plenty of chrome wheeled and a raw power. As the best of the best of the automotive industry is rolled out the New York auto show tech intruder Tina Trenton checked out this year's innovations. Here at the New York International Auto Show there are lots snazzy cars to take in but a look at near the clintons reveal some equally impressive technologies. This is the toy NM arrived and it's powered not gas not buy electricity but with hydrogen. To. You can hear a combined with hydrogen. Chemical reaction OK you generate power to power electric moment. The Mariah is is zero emissions fuel cell vehicle that gets about 300 miles on just one tank of hydrogen. Over at Volvo safety is a big focus and they're using multiple cameras tape she. One of our cameras here where we have hidden right in the U logo on the front grille the vehicle. Is one of the many features many sensors that we have to try to identify other objects to road. Information captured from a combination of cameras and radars and the Volvo X C ninety help activate features like automatic brakes. Cameras can be viewed from the driver's seat to this is the Cadillac CT sixes rear view mirror. Exclusively us a reflection switches to herb rear view video. He comes courtesy of the cameras mounted on the back of the card gives you. 300% bigger view of the back work straight on freeway and highway you can see in the world but they're all those cameras and sensors come in handy when it comes time to part two I. Can parallel park like nobody's business. We're in the Ford Edge and we're gonna use active park assist in the car will actually. Hello park and south. But I didn't. I turns out all he needed do is press a button to activate it completely hands street parallel parking teacher. Fully autonomous self driving cars may not be the norm now but these semi autonomous technologies are giving drivers a glimpse of the future. And that future includes rim for your tech toys check of the Lincoln Continental concept car which has a lab trade for your tablet. Like the tablet size infotainment system in the Volvo it's just one more way our cars are becoming more and more like our tech gadgets. Teacher and ABC news New York. Look at hands of free parallel parking unsold unsold on that feature. But it Sabrina she just like he concedes that kick here with the card does how many miles on it and Disney's that he thinks. Very important meant if you live in the northeast very important yes they go.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh checks out the latest car tech at the New York Auto Show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30085308","title":"Technology in the Driver's Seat","url":"/WNN/video/technology-drivers-seat-30085308"}