Technology Talks Back

Digital assistants like Microsoft's "Cortana" use voice recognition technology to accomplish tasks and personalize user experiences.
2:31 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Technology Talks Back
They'll -- -- intended to ward -- it texting. -- -- -- -- yet but absolutely we do. But the art of conversation is making a comeback she can get rid of these things -- would each other though -- with the phones themselves about that. Here's ABC's news's text contributor to the trend. And -- My. -- and -- -- in spite jones' film hurt the main character falls in love with his operating system. A closer look yeah I. It's a far fetched scenario but considering how much time we spend with our mobile devices -- film definitely touched on -- -- After all we're -- talking to seriously she understands and Syria what's your favorite ice cream flavor of what's the best way to even Gloria -- -- -- -- now comes Microsoft would return us. It's -- digital assistant for Windiz friends that picks up where Syria must stop you kind of equates. For you to ask her something or or ask her what to do. We're tunnel will proactively suggests that in the case of them. Of being you know I'm time for your next appointment and let you know went on leave -- -- Microsoft tried to focus on the way humans actually speak. Right out of the box when you set up yeah you're asking some questions. Even how to -- your name address and make technology more human seems to be the trend and even pizza chain dominos is getting in on the action to stop. A virtual assistant -- the dominoes app which can take your order via voice commands to flock to -- It's now become just part of the fabric of what we interact with. Some of us to do with the technology has just gotten back to us we expect it to get it right it does get -- except when it doesn't. What's the best way to the general area. Restaurants. -- Still continual advances in speech recognition -- sexual awareness theme that virtual assistants will only get better. World challenge with different devices different into place. And the one thing that remains constant bridges. Interrupt. Good morning Theodore so while they may not -- feelings of true love the new wave of digital assistants will definitely sparked conversation. -- trend ABC news New York. Well Brian Smith ever cook me breakfast. No -- -- he can't cook. Let's check in OK while series sex -- -- take another couple minutes.

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{"id":24690549,"title":"Technology Talks Back","duration":"2:31","description":"Digital assistants like Microsoft's \"Cortana\" use voice recognition technology to accomplish tasks and personalize user experiences.","url":"/Technology/video/technology-talks-back-24690549","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}