Teenager's Plot to Kill Family, Bomb School Foiled

John LaDue of Waseca, Minn., intended to kill "as many students as he could."
2:44 | 05/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teenager's Plot to Kill Family, Bomb School Foiled
That Minnesota teenagers plot to kill his family and stage a massacre at his high school seventeen year old form to -- Teeth -- bombs and firearms had his chilling plot foiled by an eagle eyed witness who phoned in a tip to police. This -- a small town eighty miles south of Minneapolis ABC's Josh Haskell was following the investigation. John -- sits in a juvenile detention center after police recovered explosives. Guns and ammunition they say belonged to him. To be used in an attack in the next few weeks. During his interview officers -- revealed his plan was to kill his family members. Start -- diversionary fire in rural -- seek up to destruct first responders. And travel to the once he could junior senior high school. There authorities say Lou do you plan to detonate the prepare bombs allegedly manufactured in -- -- -- at this facility. Where the teen was taken into custody Tuesday night after a citizen saw him walk inside the unit and close the door. Officers observed materials in the storage locker which were consistent with bomb making. Including -- pressure cooker pyrotechnic chemicals steel ball bearings and gunpowder. And at his home police found that 180 page notebook. Motive unclear but plot laid out an attack police say John the dude didn't expect to survive. The members of those seeking public schools community are deeply saddened. And disturbed. -- the -- lot of resonance. The information has been revealed in the case of we have escape what could have been horrific experience. Josh Haskell ABC news New York. Just incredible. Chilling details we can't believe this stuff the teen told investigators that a -- and had a gone and at the time the officer arrested him he was shot dead. It's amazing he said he planned to shoot his mother his father his sister essentially the entire family. What he wanted to do it and then start a fire in a rural field that would distract first responders and then his plan was to set up pressure cooker bonds in the cafeteria during lunch by the way while the first responders -- that -- Unbelievable it gets worse he allegedly planned to throw Molotov cocktails gunned down students that he wanted to kill school -- -- Her liaison officer. While he was helping wounded students he said his ultimate goal. -- was to be killed by a swat team. And that we keep hearing about these children who go back and look at the video or hear about the stories of Columbine and Virginia Tech and they're inspired by them. Apparently -- idolize the Columbine shooters and he was. Trying to model whatever he was doing it was to look like what they had done and obviously even more thank goodness -- witness saw something and sense something that's amazing.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"John LaDue of Waseca, Minn., intended to kill \"as many students as he could.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23556932","title":"Teenager's Plot to Kill Family, Bomb School Foiled","url":"/WNN/video/teenagers-plot-kill-family-bomb-school-foiled-23556932"}