Television special revisits Norman Lear classics

"The Jeffersons" and "All In The Family" got a reboot with an all-star cast. ABC News' Will Ganss has the highlights.
4:32 | 05/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Television special revisits Norman Lear classics
No doubt and we all of the justices. It's no joke they are the Jefferson's. Jamie Foxx and Wanda Sykes. Stepping into the iconic roles first created by Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford we look for our stores in Chicago San Francisco in Losman duties. You don't have stored in many of those places though one. Data stored does that multiple. The legendary Stanley back on CD as part of it. We live in front of the studio audience. And they're not the only TV family making a comeback. My hotel room. America saying hello to the bunkers for the first time in forty years song. I. We had a new name. Yeah. Woody Harrelson and Marisa Tomei playing Archie needed Norman Lear teaming up with Jimmy Kimmel to bring to of these shows back to prime time. Life and like any live show this one had its life moments. But you know we do broke. It's all groups for all week salts is lap. Every once and at home. Just think the TV just let's look. Clear that 96 year old writer and producer along with Kimmel using the original scripts with an all new. All star lineup. Kerry Washington and Will Ferrell as Helen and Tom Willis got a sign in the morning yeah. Yeah. And in all in the family restating Ellie Kemper and Ike spared holds play Gloria in meathead. Archie feminist daughter and her liberal boyfriend but why resurrect to a TVs all time most popular sick comes now nearly a half century later. We hope tonight movement can laugh. Provoke discussion. And encourage action. There is so much more work we must do in this country. We love so much. Just like they did when it first aired leaders TV shows using humor to tackle some tougher issues how about. A president. Normally can now I don't see no ghetto for women and what college. Okay. It's. A little prison. No topic too taboo you from the Isa. See from the west side and I don't know cost ultra and much it's. Dogs. And luckily it everybody equal. Exit yup Kate he quit work before he actually thought hey. No language to explicit Tom I worried. But what it out their credit that we're talking up a cross my mind. Why shouldn't exit freezing words like our crossed my mind to. But even in our worst bites you never called. As it crossed my mind how. It's reboot of the classics seeming to strike a chord with modern audiences Jennifer Hudson hitting all the right notes during the live show. The night proving that some songs. Some characters stop eat met. Some TV shows all it's always. Place on our TV screen them. You got an apartment in this bill. And Uga wins in two yes that's right. Don't even know. Place in our hearts. So many stellar performances and that live special last night. But 87 year old Marla Gibbs reprising her role of Florence. Just amazing. Back when this it was originally on she was nominated for an Emmy five times for naral. Why our Marla Gibbs should deliver that line the exact same way and Baltic out later that wild and that. Landings like myself to watch and put the live factor CEO Jamie Foxx embracing. He's it was incredible. Great job so good.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"\"The Jeffersons\" and \"All In The Family\" got a reboot with an all-star cast. ABC News' Will Ganss has the highlights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63222792","title":"Television special revisits Norman Lear classics","url":"/WNN/video/television-special-revisits-norman-lear-classics-63222792"}