Thanksgiving 2012: Best Movies

ABC News' Brandi Hitt has a roundup of holiday-themed movies hitting theaters this weekend.
2:33 | 11/22/12

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Transcript for Thanksgiving 2012: Best Movies
The game and game. It's my second favorite to come on the -- next a modern family did -- -- Big Bang theory you're missing out something especially those things that it will elect Barenaked Ladies I. How that is yes they are finally this half hour -- a little something something special what we affectionately call insomniac we have -- Look at what is hitting theaters -- nice little weekend how little bit for everywhere now that. After the food and for the people the friends -- family. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Holiday weekend has plenty to choose from starting with the movies that hit theaters yesterday. Director Ang Lee brings the beloved book life apply to -- on the big screen well precious one of the best movies of the year hands down I think this has serious Oscar potential for angry. Telling the tale of a ship like Indian -- stranded on a boat with a Bengal tiger. Wow this is he really good. Film and I feel like that's an understatement. And a different kind of adventure the remake of 1980 floors red dawn starring Chris Hemsworth. With the wrong trim the bad guy in this movie is North Korea. The problem is when they shot -- it wished China. They changed it because they didn't want to offend the Chinese Government. Because they do a lot of business in China. And he indicated rise of the guardians starring everyone's favorites center close to varying -- men and make Easter kangaroo. On the -- Alec Baldwin and Jude law and lend their voices. Opening tomorrow one master portraying another Anthony Hopkins starting -- -- -- on the local -- ago. Helen here -- co stars as Alfred Hitchcock's wife own. I promised my I wouldn't. Are there any good casting Hopkins cannot do now that looks -- that made it while I check out that great fantastic. Absolutely here. And -- -- out of -- holiday movies earlier -- -- optimize my vote still. Does NASA web mistresses vacation -- I think that's talk endlessly hysterical prohibitive favorite holiday. I think when your kid you watch channel I that's an -- drying up and everytime I think of Christmas I think -- -- I classic. -- like it did get good cats are. That's news this half hour America follow -- on FaceBook and WNN fans dot com and on Twitter Edelstein deadly ending and use the hash -- at the end and fans.

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{"id":17785294,"title":"Thanksgiving 2012: Best Movies","duration":"2:33","description":"ABC News' Brandi Hitt has a roundup of holiday-themed movies hitting theaters this weekend.","url":"/WNN/video/thanksgiving-2012-best-movies-17785294","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}