Throwback Thursday: 1980s Movies

Take a look back at the 1980s through the eyes of director John Hughes.
4:22 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: 1980s Movies
Simple minds there song captures the mood and the spirit of being a teenager in the 1980s and that decade is where we -- headed for -- throwback Thursday. It was this week back in 1986 -- comedy classic fair Steelers day off was released. Still wouldn't -- the world of the man who created the movie the great John Hughes -- first let's turn on the clock back -- show -- how we look -- 1986 agreement is also check. -- -- Photo. That's my -- Barbara Walters Mary Lou -- haircut I love your adorable. And I guess I'm up now. And this won't -- -- a little earlier than 1986 actually 1980 but you get the point. -- back hair the whole thing I'd love it in the eighties -- now. We go on now -- the movie Ferris Mueller told the story and -- Smart -- high school seniors epic adventures after skipping school. Hughes wrote the screenplay lasted a week in the film features many of Chicago's greatest landmarks he said much -- the film was his love letter to the city. But the movie was known for more its -- words. Mueller. Mueller. -- I'm sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from the sky -- this kid is going that the gross out -- -- -- at 31 flavors last night. Guess it's pretty serious. Thank you Simone president before not say it again. Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in order you could miss it. I love that movie Matthew Broderick who played -- -- Has said for the past 25 years nearly every day summit come up to him tapped him on the shoulder and asked hey ferret -- this your day off. That's a jogging and by the way directed and wrote -- story of the -- -- more than Michigan. For the barely moved in Chicago suburbs whose thirteen news dropped out of college -- selling jokes well known comedians. After that he worked in advertising that went on the right for National Lampoon magazine he was all the disappeared from the public guide 1994. But in 2009. Hughes died of a heart attack while walking in Manhattan he was just 59 years old believe. Capable his directorial debut with 1980 Ford's sixteen candles. Starred Molly written all this girl whose sixteenth birthday is forgotten because her sister's getting married it's coming of age comedy that betrays the -- of life and an upper middle class high school. That movie launching his career but it also launched the careers of ring while John Cusack. Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall -- -- -- returned and uses next film another coming of age story about a group of teens. We spend a Saturday in detention together The Breakfast Club also starred Anthony Michael Hall Amelio Estevez Judd Nelson and tally -- he has kids from different clicks. The Breakfast Club a lot darker than -- filler. And critics considered one of the greatest high school films. A little known fact the tax -- poster for the film was photographed by any legal bit -- -- -- -- five report -- news was a writer and one of his most notable -- -- for National Lampoon vacation it was based on short story. On vacation 58 which appeared in National Lampoon magazine. Didn't have released in 1980 -- start Chevy Chase Beverly DeAngelo. Randy Quaid and once again Anthony Michael Hall as a -- -- family on a cross country vacation. It was so successful it -- five sequels have seen it. Thirty times. I'm happy to see -- thirty. John -- -- success biggest success that is at least the box office was home -- that was one of the highest grossing comedies of all time. There's a release in 1990 started calling caught -- that kid it was forgotten by his family when they go on vacation. There's a lot to contend with when burglars break and then the traps he's set to catch them more at the -- -- Log on Denver yes yeah. Got a lot of now. And no one really box office for twelve straight weeks. It ended up making a final grossed nearly 286. Million box I love that will be my three year old I would not allow him to watch and really isn't scared that he would actually pick up some -- -- Right and start torturing young when that my daughters favored Christmas movie home alone I love it.

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{"id":24101582,"title":"Throwback Thursday: 1980s Movies","duration":"4:22","description":"Take a look back at the 1980s through the eyes of director John Hughes.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-1980s-movies-24101582","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}