Throwback Thursday: Exercise Fads

New Year's brings out fitness resolutions. What was hot in the past?
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Exercise Fads
-- -- You can see as much to let you we are getting physical and we figured we get. A quick work out what we're here why not I mean I'm wearing what I normally Wear to work out suddenly a sort -- -- -- didn't -- Four so many people -- here is a time to commit to getting sick so we -- isn't good look at the exercise cats. -- new years past we start with. Everyone's favorite back -- Remember those are pretty hot time is a time known for higher energy and high fashion and of course the exercise trends. The 1980s where nobody said yeah here you tied it is time for -- fat and it really did indeed have -- go Rosen Rick Springfield. Yet to get -- -- yeah. What. I don't Casey never done it yet there's as you remember that sixty minutes of exercise set to music it was actually invented -- back. In 19690. My god actually dressed like that yeah. It actually still a popular option for getting in -- I admit I have done that -- cut yes. There are tens of thousands of class or classes offered still from out of the country. Now let's fast forward to the 1990s and you remember that fresh prince of LA -- what we're talking a lovely Suzanne Somers. The product you all remember -- the spymaster and as you might guess it targets the -- side. It's probably one of the few exercising enjoy your. You know lazy sitting on the couch and delicately. On the couch watching TV but -- master was invented by -- Swedish woman witnessed. What else but a degree in physical medicine. And then you know a day after two of our former world news now -- as one former one current. Gave -- I'm not there is not a great example about a -- those muscles ladies. I usual economic too because I hear people get pregnant that would consume and so. And I travel my friend all right now we're gonna go and look back at a piece of equipment. They can be best summed up in immortal words of Will Smith you all know it stay with me. -- -- -- -- -- Not -- well yeah. An exercise don't marketed as a way to. To target those trouble spots with the very very minimal efforts. And if you demotion that -- famous -- children -- doctors back then that -- -- that let them assault was included good. Good health and just fifteen minutes on this thing. Really -- improve muscle tone and trimmed down and -- -- said he couldn't even do it won't vigorously -- company that kind of work that's not bad speaker minimal effort how about the gravity there's tremendous hanging upside down. Exercising your body and -- -- -- guy -- we invented and claimed all the extra blood. Would go to your head making 38% smarter probably 38% less mobile wallet but that's okay. Popularity when Richard Hughes chair during American gigolo -- And suddenly it's like every one had a -- and hey why not he could look like next format. We can show days. Sort of breach that we could. They did but analysts say that I'm -- sexy plus sometimes the popular exercise can border on diamond with this erotic. Taking this for example -- message hasn't worked out and probably not for beginners. Looks like the winner to me you know Barbara audible -- -- -- -- -- like -- because I think we got when -- get. We did with another. Having dinner tonight in the afternoon David Vitter and that's apparently they do very much all right well speaking of things that look like something they're not how about this to shake -- -- -- aside from these slightly. I -- have divided the finish gateway is to laugh at. You look up. Have a lot of dead -- due out in just. Here we don't have a right now that's not necessarily his son and I'm -- the it's. The expert. But of course the idea behind that was. All of my food and mood for some guys probably not a whole new way that is reducing commitment and we're pretty -- -- -- That way.

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{"id":21472235,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Exercise Fads","duration":"3:00","description":"New Year's brings out fitness resolutions. What was hot in the past?","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-exercise-fads-21472235","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}