Throwback Thursday: What's Your Favorite Muppet Moment?

With the Muppets' new home at the Smithsonian, a look back at the characters of "The Muppet Show."
4:04 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: What's Your Favorite Muppet Moment?
-- -- -- -- -- This morning's throwback Thursdays segment and today we are all about the Muppets yesterday we told you how -- PM the other Muppets will soon -- coming on display -- Smithsonian the creator Jim Henson would have been 77 years old yesterday -- got us talking about a favorite -- Our favorite topic involves technical picture right there what markets you'll remember were created by Jim Henson's. Back in 1955. As a college student at the University of Maryland and -- put together a cast of puppets would change while another -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little else going on -- -- -- some -- its glorious creation because they combined techniques of muffins and married so that comes a month. The Muppet Show. From your back in 1976. Who was back in the eighties gosh maybe the -- -- -- 976 and introduced the world to Miss -- -- Causing impairment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This which is wildly popular brand until 1980 money -- -- -- -- manager of the theater perhaps an apartment have often behind the scenes. The drama to deal -- He -- these romantic advances -- theater patrons -- general nothing antics. Explanation was so popular eventually made its way to the big screen and -- right in -- -- movie debuted in 1979. And -- the box office. Revealed how permit first met the rest of the Muppets movie was so incredibly successful -- -- Shut down production of the Muppet Show to concentrate on one hand coming wanted to light stuff so much that's why -- Films -- make in the -- the highlights of the -- -- was the musical acts as the ship became more popular was able to draw bigger and bigger performance. And -- -- hitting just like those performers sing -- absolutely not true do what's right in that crowd involved. Miss Piggy on Yahoo! -- comment and -- neurons that it's something -- this evening Ozzy -- I must have missed that and some of them. Biggest acts in the world appeared on the show -- -- -- do catch Diana Ross singing a duet with Boston. Towards the end of -- -- the -- -- joins in even -- hold off those two. I think -- let her do all the work -- heading -- Ms. Palin always trying to get spotlight on the -- -- it often do what she's been dubbed -- And Johnny Cash yeah. Jackson got little what is in my life took -- out. On the awarded Jackson junior -- perhaps one of the most epic performances this is -- itself was life so. Much dramatic red that was before he was -- -- crocodile long backed by some of the best market resistance in the business -- -- course helped them. As always looking like. The show that's when you. -- That was behind we have just a little time to talk about -- favorite -- they happen to be talked a lot about -- aren't happen to be from. Sesame Street -- AMP -- -- your favorites. Being -- My favorite although a little scary overcome it also a huge favorite of mine being -- eight foot tall yellow currently in the largest tenacity -- abandoned lot adjacent to one to three Sesame Street looking -- behind buildings. In the trash heap and coming front had tons of siblings everyone's -- talks. Are my favorites were Oscar the Grouch and Grover Grover was kind of like -- -- -- I always say yeah like he did I think the inspiration for -- before Elmo -- -- And I was always fascinated bottled stuff -- pulled out of that trash can. A whole life going on now that I didn't know it was -- come what was up with something like this did you want did you want people -- -- -- Oprah and. Let's want to come now he was always so this. And yeah yeah now and -- like people to see and to help that the big murder I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20379117,"title":"Throwback Thursday: What's Your Favorite Muppet Moment?","duration":"4:04","description":"With the Muppets' new home at the Smithsonian, a look back at the characters of \"The Muppet Show.\"","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-favorite-muppet-moment-20379117","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}