Throwback Thursday: Gingerbread Houses

Today is Gingerbread House Day. Look at some of the different creations over the years.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Gingerbread Houses
Welcome throwback Thursdays this morning we are paying homage to the gingerbread house that's because today is gingerbread house today and that's why we've got these two kind of sad looking -- -- right front. But we are going to be decorating this or at least try to decorate throughout all of our opinion whatever time I hear and see what we come up with by the -- -- having very long -- -- -- -- tree ornaments into the Victorian -- yet now as far as to gingerbread house gingerbread houses like that one sensitive one. They became popular in Germany -- The Brothers Grimm publish their -- -- collection which included console and -- and you know that's one with a 200 kids were awarded to the home that was. CNN belong to a -- Animal which pretty darn. Are right so let's get away -- -- -- dark sky over the -- can actually be a little bit of fat. -- so what's in gingerbread do you have -- and I'll tell you can't -- a ginger cinnamon cloves Nutmeg Carter mom that is. It means and it's generally -- -- molasses and honey okay gingerbread originated apparently in the east legend has it that it was brought to Europe. In that year 992. By a monk who was used to treat and used to used it. It used to -- to -- upset stomachs ginger. It's obvious earning cash and once it was there -- -- -- -- made into something special she believed to be responsible modeling for the first gingerbread man. By having them made to resemble visiting dignitaries -- -- And run a little different and something bigger and better -- -- it and gingerbread house. Check -- this year's gingerbread. House at the White House this is all submit to 300 pound replica of the white house with first dog's -- And Sonny sitting outside there's even a functioning replica of the north water fountain. And by the way the whole thing yet it is animal you look good at multitask I I can't do listen and welcome -- time. If you say about it I didn't do anything Molly and that's true of its gingerbread houses as well what I'm noticing is my read their maturity that -- Partner at the grand Floridian gingerbread house the -- -- more than a thousand pounds of honey. The forty -- and white. 600 pounds of powdered sugar and 700 pounds of chocolate 800 pounds of flour 35 pounds of spices. Managers donating. The garden every bit as -- -- I agree. It doesn't actually using this is the largest gingerbread house where. Abner Amber Anderson is in taxes on cars -- happiness is -- The folks at Guinness world records actually certified this one is more than 39000. Cubic square feet didn't just give that to me in Manhattan who sent a happy person on live and. She couldn't even walk inside this gingerbread house -- -- -- thinking from eating your theory through it now. And -- these -- toward raising money into other signs today -- problem for program. At a local hospital I'm sorry I'm just so intense pain -- I can't help me I can't -- -- -- houses by the way they come in all shapes and sizes. I -- count and he's my goodness. For -- royal among us or those who wish -- -- -- your standard gingerbread castle of course CNN of those losses last selling intensely and I and a replica of that famous scene -- Christmas story weren't. Affleck gets his tongue stuck Koppel. The gingerbread on the outside isn't enough there's a ginger bread bakery serves sweet -- in -- Did you don't wanna house how about writing this means -- -- -- gingerbread typewriter. Yeah for us to make her things that's all things gingerbread folks selling -- for you Larry Dillon read and -- yeah. I -- he had time to to keep. This is -- -- -- Check it out at a time yeah. -- Yeah let me bring it up.

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{"id":21189016,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Gingerbread Houses","duration":"3:00","description":"Today is Gingerbread House Day. Look at some of the different creations over the years.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-gingerbread-houses-21189016","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}