Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Bloopers

Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, "Happy Days" and "MASH" all dealt with being tongue-tied.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Bloopers
Time now for our weekly threat back there today we have a little levity this morning to get -- -- for award season that polish that Hollywood is so famous war alone doesn't come easy and it's certainly almost never comes out right at least the first time. Hollywood in its -- every -- so. -- -- when they're not. Holy mackerel might play -- I have my -- -- don't have -- -- -- those things happen to have. -- The story of. But he wanted to begin. The idea but I can't think -- -- god -- Well you're looking booming. I don't know if you've been getting any -- overtime million okay. And maybe a little. Much of the time on the set of happy days. Today. I found my thrill. -- -- -- And things weren't always fun and games on the senate -- Really didn't have avoided about. The polish -- the -- Well only on the. They -- -- and we forget that. No practical jokes here on Star Trek the next generation. Well every day frustrates him. -- -- -- Woman -- returned -- transmitting. It -- and others predators are important she. And that infamous plane seen that put Melissa McCarthy on everyone's radar apparently didn't come easy -- -- Not firemen. -- -- firemen. -- -- -- can move this one up. I am going the other room with a with. Can move that late in the -- right up around my years call my own goddamn hit. -- -- -- -- -- funny I imagine keeping a straight face doing things that they finally get it right and Melissa McCarthy and that's -- -- that's actually a relay husband's okay yeah. Right. Now it's amazing even even the funds. Gets it wrong sometimes and Jimmy Stewart and Humphrey Bogart these people you think that are just -- times. Slept well make a mistake exactly comforting I love what they showed the bloopers for the end of a movie or -- -- doesn't send us the best -- -- -- everything else it's a bad movie that's the best part -- I may actually up.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, \"Happy Days\" and \"MASH\" all dealt with being tongue-tied.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21553070","title":"Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Bloopers","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-hollywood-bloopers-21553070"}