Throwback Thursday: 'The Love Bug' Drives in Movie Goers Hearts

"The Love Bug" was released in 1969. Take a look at the history of the VW Beetle.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Throwback Thursday: 'The Love Bug' Drives in Movie Goers Hearts
That's throwback Jersey it was on this date back in 1969 that America got its first look at a classic movie and -- love bug the story of a doubt on his blood race car driver who buys a Volkswagen Beetle. But that drivers can find out that Kirby as the cars called had a mind and will his own. Why -- did not know or get I don't easy I can't be serious way. Okay. I -- doubles team that's what did you. Then let her be at his driver to win that race Buddy Hackett Dean Jones Jolie's -- love bug but. The real star of the movie of course the Volkswagen Beetle let's -- -- And happy and really feel really that's because he is a specially modified -- with a high performance 1835. Feet -- and. There have been -- of the -- producers chose the number 53 for the side of the car because it was in uniform number of the Los Angeles Dodgers starter Don Drysdale chose red white and blue stripes as patriotic thing. For the Volkswagen logo or name wasn't featured anywhere in the movie because the auto -- didn't permit did did need to use the name. But later -- he calls were made and failed to fatal breakdowns -- Volkswagen reversed course and allowed the movie continues the company name. So how are they unique and fun little car born while actually goes way back to Germany before the Second World War. An engineer by the name of Ferdinand -- pitched the idea to Adolf Hitler Hitler didn't drive but he won a car enthusiasts. He eventually ordered the car made and called it the people's car. After the war the Volkswagen factory was handed over to the British. But the brits thought the car was ugly and they didn't want it to the Germans made -- Volkswagen beetles and soon cars became the most popular in the world. That the bill was introduced to America in 1949. And that's what -- despite a slow start just a few years later it was what I mean most popular cars on the road and -- -- certainly different -- the -- most Americans were used to it didn't even -- -- gas -- until 1962. That sounds a little thing it does we'll during the sixties the body of the cars stayed the same -- Except for the windows and they got bigger and so -- the engine or perhaps no generation embraced the beetle like the hippies of the 1960s. -- -- as individual as they weren't they made sure they personalize their ties with much creativity. They the most. Most popular -- -- was another Volkswagen and VW bus ticket home more than a few young people -- of music festival and provided that. Privacy that a young person in the sixties or maybe any generation -- immediately headed -- -- Music VW sixty I think so closely that actress Jane Fonda resurrected -- For the film people have been under Saturday night that Bob has come a long way and so has the creativity with which -- -- expressed their personality. Another worry you can -- now sprint. 900. Thousand dollar ride and it started out as -- 1958. You know. I -- believe the bug was given a Bentley front -- suicide doors and -- supercharged engine. You can do all kinds of things he's going to do. It's more support than people can really make personalize their -- -- extreme about the custom creature. -- how about that one of the netting instead of the change -- him to be -- and what better way to prove that Tim Duncan and water. Or how about turning the laws of physics on its head. But most people it's just to show us dependable -- he has the tagline says still do and it saying only factor.

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{"id":22892604,"title":"Throwback Thursday: 'The Love Bug' Drives in Movie Goers Hearts","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Love Bug\" was released in 1969. Take a look at the history of the VW Beetle.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-love-bug-drives-movie-goers-hearts-22892604","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}