Throwback Thursday: The Summer Movie Season of 1989

"Batman," "When Harry Met Sally," and "Weekend at Bernie's" among hits.
4:16 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: The Summer Movie Season of 1989
Go back Thursday night turned the clock back point five years in the summer of 1980 now and that's because this summer movie season kicks off our crack research team has discovered that 1989. I was actually exciting year for -- -- It really was the year they gave us James Bond -- excuse me. Batman Indiana Jones yeah Peter -- Martin Riggs captain Kirk all in the span of few months. And saying here's a list of the top movies. Carried out Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Dead Poets Society. Star Trek five the final frontier star ghostbusters two fat man honey I shrunk the kids do right big weekend at Bernie's lethal weapon two when Harry met Sally turner and host -- had sex lies and videotape the best. Because every one of those I you might have wanted to heavyweights on that list -- and the winner of one Oscar into People's Choice Awards that year and -- stars. Michael CNN's Bruce Wayne Jack Nicholson as the Joker and candidates and their ads and the -- male actors that were originally considered. All of that many here Alec Baldwin and those that stopped -- -- Don't worry I don't -- south. The film was directed by -- and it took. In a quarter billion dollars at the box up as a whole lot of -- 25 years ago. Next on the list do the right thing groundbreaking drama comedy which is produced written and directed by Spike Lee it was nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay and best supporting actor in the movie tells the story of a Brooklyn neighborhood simmering racial tension on the hottest day of the year. It's a completely and whether -- not those right field down. Feel down right break. Ranks beat -- -- Got FK did the right thing a lot of spike Lee's career and it's often called one of the greatest movies of all times. Rumor has it that the movie was one of Obama's first. Day after -- -- -- was great movie finally movie that explored the age old question can men and women before it. When Harry met Sally stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as -- college graduates who -- the drive from Chicago to New York. It doesn't go well but they meet up again in New York five years later once again realizing they can not to be friends. Years later the they take another step about it and it's that -- -- that results in this hilarious. -- ironic iconic scene in Katz's deli in Manhattan the topic of the debate do women fake. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll have what she's having. He CNN. He has rumor has it that would have led lives -- Elliott -- think the goal is nominated for five golden gloves and is consistently named one of the top romantic comedies of all tie and truly it is our right now what I asked John. Your favorite review 1989. -- -- Really yeah I mean -- did. Did meets all the guys standards were a good movies not just like a romance movies is when -- -- Larry -- I love them. How much and it's got all of the lines that you kind of quote for the rest of your life -- -- -- a lot of people probably wouldn't pick but because I was eight years old yeah. Honey I shrunk the kids I thought that was the most genius -- moving ahead every scene and lying. I wanted to be sure -- game just like those kids I want it to be -- UAE an -- seen in my cereal. I committed to rooting for our kids going to the -- sitting countering -- kind of disgusting animals. It was probably one of the most hilarious movies I had seen at that point and I thought in the movie theater which made it even better that much -- somebody great once and Netanyahu. I don't see all the and you get them the.

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{"id":23908684,"title":"Throwback Thursday: The Summer Movie Season of 1989","duration":"4:16","description":"\"Batman,\" \"When Harry Met Sally,\" and \"Weekend at Bernie's\" among hits.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-summer-movie-season-1989-23908684","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}