Throwback Thursday: Thaw Out With Some Classic Frozen Foods

Enjoy some frozen treats and meals of yesterday and today.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Thaw Out With Some Classic Frozen Foods
I welcome back on this throwback Thursday and we market. The food revolution is national frozen food DNA and we have a few classics here to help us celebrate -- we got some classics. Tater tots pot pies that's how we -- all here on world news this day was named national frozen food day by none other than president Ronald Reagan happened back in 1984. -- in the First Lady apparently enjoyed their time -- TV dinners and as you can see here. They did indeed this is a picture from 1981 I -- how did this uniquely American invention come to be such a big part of our culture. This man. Clarence birds die he was a biologist turned naturalists who spent time in the Arctic while there he noticed that the eskimos and catch fish that froze as soon as they came out of the water I but he discovered that months later those frozen fish -- bought out and taste and jobs -- -- good. As if they -- -- nearly -- her -- went to work on a machine net slash freezes food. -- some of the first frozen foods to roll off the lines were veggies and. -- were staple of the American diet but aren't -- innovation student went global scene in this act from Great Britain the and touted the freshness of green peas. I sweet as the moment Linda -- went -- so much better than canned by the way the as a mother food companies from getting on -- frozen frozen food train and we mean literally. Now this is the bizarre story of the invention of TV dinner -- the very first TV dinner was made by Swanson and consisted of a Thanksgiving meal and peas sweet potatoes cornbread stuffing and Turkey -- -- -- -- hungry man dinner -- happen that way because in 1952 Swanson -- a -- crisis even after Thanksgiving the company had 260. Tons of left over Turkey's. That wasn't enough refrigerated space there for storage so Swanson had -- ten refrigerated box cars with the Turkey's. He sent them riding the nation's rails but he couldn't do that forever I think Jerry Thomas says Swanson salesman -- to trade just serve as a combo cooking pan and dinner plate. Another eureka moment -- -- -- on that -- aren't even more ingenious decision on what to call these meals and this was genius TV dinners were born each one costs -- -- -- within a few weeks these TV dinners were sold out. Companies became even more inventive giving consumers more reasons to buy their product they began marketing their meal that a complete -- He has been used once and three course dinner -- you meat and vegetables plus an open desert -- the three course Turkey dinner. There -- yet -- getting up from the table first slice of high it is all right there. Right and that -- -- her hands talk about the 1970s times are changing more and more women working outside the home. As a TV dinners were marketed as items of convenience. -- we got married all he does -- eat. -- yet and he's currently can't dinners from Swanson. Conway -- by the way -- martial -- you'll notice the change from style home cooked meals to take out -- and during these new times a busy two income families. The main competition for TV dinners. It was the restaurant and as successful as frozen dinners have become married and then limit that think they know -- check out this 11 to take that the pancake and sausage on a stick. But wait there's more comes in the chocolate -- labor hangover food -- -- are and how about a little pickle on a stick it to you earlier work out. -- -- Greyhound Lines get mad when you can't decide between -- or something healthy like fruit why -- go for both there was the go while holding free pizza. Yeah sadly this is no longer on the store shelves can imagine her head I really seen this delicacy in your supermarket it is Welsh -- rare bit. It's common folk like you and I it is fifteenth and -- a lot better as cheese and bread we got our favorites here dictator Saddam -- that's -- -- -- fact. And -- -- had these every Friday it would pizza my schools the very quiet. Pot pies are reminded that unlike these good love and and then went -- about birds eye and the -- -- -- they're still making those. Looking good and he's as much better than candidate is I think -- and I think -- pepper steak meal that night.

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{"id":22795548,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Thaw Out With Some Classic Frozen Foods","duration":"3:00","description":"Enjoy some frozen treats and meals of yesterday and today.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-thaw-classic-frozen-foods-22795548","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}