Tom Cruise Greets Entire Movie Audience

Tom Cruise shows up at "Oblivion" premiere and signs autographs for three hours.
4:15 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Cruise Greets Entire Movie Audience
-- everybody -- the skinny Tom Cruise. Always interesting when he appears on somebody show you never know what he's gonna -- on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Didn't jump on any -- hey -- they're promoting his new movie called oblivion but he did does that really cool he spent allegedly. Three hours he got there early purpose we can sign autographs and shake hands with every single person he did this for three hours. Pretty -- -- let's listen in to make an -- about. We were spying on you yesterday because -- had the premiere of -- movie across the street. And you -- not you just shook hands and took pictures with every single person out there there's fun for hours -- Pretty -- I never met Tom -- but a woman who worked in the newsroom -- -- -- once met Tom Cruise -- -- producer and she says what you talked to Tom -- he looks you in the -- and you -- the only person that exists in the whole planet so he went to great relationship with his fans. Estimating anything that a lot of these people who go out to the premiere isn't you know -- along the barriers that they set up there. That -- the best case scenario that the star of the movie is gonna come. Raise your hand and says -- takes a picture and a great and I'm sure it almost never happens sell us these people must have just been so excited but -- really cool. Pretty emotional episode of glee and the just picking a school shooting in out last night's episode. Happening there on the campus this is an episode that dealt with mental health arms teachers and scores than -- terror of hiding in a classroom which. A potential potential shooter at large they -- put out -- it a little advisory before the episode came on saying that. It addresses the topic of school violence is saying viewer discretion is advised and there was also an email that went out from a group called the new talent action alliance against -- -- -- -- Warning them that they they may not want to watch the shell let me say they do want to -- they just really need to be cautious because it is such a sensitive. -- -- -- -- I -- ever watched probably the past two seasons but I used to watch all the time right. Daughter loves that -- yes. -- -- There -- let's talk about side. Gangland style side. South Korean mega star with the most watched YouTube video of all time has over 24 billion. News well the -- Be released here. Wasn't supposed to be was supposed to be released but today but there's a Little League apparently on line -- it's -- gentlemen. And apparently it's a little -- Koreans. Okay. The question is going to be catchy dance to go along without. Currently there is going to be a video that was shot and yes he's gonna he's gonna -- this out in. I believe the soccer stadium and -- Little -- -- some of the moves he wants them to answer yes. Mean how do you top that 1 -- people and I can't for the -- this one's half the successful they'll be -- From being a one hit wonder how they get it sounds catching up one hit wonder there but you have world where. But we'll find my -- and exactly -- When -- comparing herself to Joan Rivers house not such a good way -- saying that she tried Botox and that she will never do it again because quote. I looked crazy I looked like Joan Rivers -- that's nice. I don't know how much younger and -- -- about yet noticeably since he matured a lot of problems that won't be. Sell these shoes so now she's still young and pretty I get Botox come that maybe that's the result of some of the other treatment in ever now. -- -- -- All right sex tapes apparently there was a survey given that what who. Who would you most like to see on -- sex tape and -- -- said Jennifer Lawrence is is the taxes they would most like to see effects that. -- this does not exist by the way. Other -- 22% voted for and Hathaway Jennifer Aniston came in with 13%. -- silence Halley Berry Jennifer Lopez and Lindsay Lohan. Rounding out the top spots in that service is amazing that they keep track of these sort of -- life.

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{"id":18938531,"title":"Tom Cruise Greets Entire Movie Audience","duration":"4:15","description":"Tom Cruise shows up at \"Oblivion\" premiere and signs autographs for three hours.","url":"/WNN/video/tom-cruise-greets-entire-movie-audience-18938531","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}