Tom Steyer launches 4-day bus tour across the Carolinas

The billionaire Democratic presidential candidate hopes to woo black voters in those states. ABC News’ Briana Stewart reports from the campaign trail.
3:27 | 01/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Steyer launches 4-day bus tour across the Carolinas
Most of the democratic presidential candidates will be shivering for votes in the Iowa tilted K billionaire hedge funder Tom's tires spinning Martin's team. Date in South Carolina. Yes tired displayed it to speak at the king day at the dome celebration in Colombia hoping to woo black voters ahead of the first in the south primary. ABC's Rihanna Stuart has been traveling with this Dyer campaign. 20/20 candidate doubled down an eye you like two weeks before the carcass Tom's Dyer is making his biggest push the Department of State. The presidential hopeful launching a four day bus tours aren't and I'll keep weekend. The north and South Carolina. The thing to win over African American voters. Ahead for them without primary. Its tires first time back in south Carolina's that the recent Fox News poll showed him urging that 15%. That fact into consistent front runner. And former vice president Joseph Biden. Investigate alone the billionaire activist and over eleven million dollars in television campaign act. More than any other twenty to any candidate he also tapped the list for largest campaign staff in South Carolina hiring EDQ staffers. All in hopes of tipping. Mighty long do you support from. We have more people on the ground not Hilan. We've been spending more time physically. Looking. The talking about what I do. You know it's gonna change its online and so exactly how that's gonna change on the I don't know to I think it's grassroots effort in South Carolina are incredibly important. And it and effective yeah. The bus tour is largely focused on old fashioned retail politics. Appearing acting crichton groups attending church services and hosting an intimate dinners with women of color a key voting for Democrats. I believe if I go to an. With the backing of our. African Americans I'm a different person. I have said consistently. And I think the African American Q. Moral parents. And I think that. The women in that room. Are voters. And that matters. I think they also carry me. Wait a moral leadership. And that's what I was saying. In my heart of hearts I believe. What they do has a resonance beyond. Dyer says he hopes his grassroots message will be enough to build the diverse coalition needed to appease president Donald Trump in November. As the democratic presidential nominee Michael. It's not that I'm I'm mostly a time didn't trying to make sure. Who otherwise might not know. Rihanna story ABC news. South Carolina. The big banks who are former world news now or. Rams who were there and it get easier on the campaign trail they are covering. One of the candidates and what comes desire aren't you heard this but I have by some experience for the great state of South Carolina. My. But I folks have their say that he is being a lot of money an a lot of ads yes. How much a lot of money. But I'm I don't have that the numbers that -- his books like that.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"The billionaire Democratic presidential candidate hopes to woo black voters in those states. ABC News’ Briana Stewart reports from the campaign trail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68398978","title":"Tom Steyer launches 4-day bus tour across the Carolinas","url":"/WNN/video/tom-steyer-launches-day-bus-tour-carolinas-68398978"}