Looking at the top books of 2018

Our good friend Barry Mitchell shares with us his favorite titles of the year.
3:36 | 12/27/18

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Transcript for Looking at the top books of 2018
See you may know him as our world news now polka guy but did you. That Barry Mitchell is quite the bib Leo file and I'm mad at whoever put the word bib Leo piled up. I think that Oscar. Before we allow Tony eighteen to draw to a close various hearing his favorite titles of the year. And why you shouldn't miss them. This is a book you read it. This is how you turn on. Here are five of my favorites from the past year. Paula Finn was born into sitcom royalty her dad Herbert Finn wrote many classic episodes of Jackie Gleason honeymooners. Grab. In sitcom writers talk shop behind the scenes with Carl Reiner Norman Lear and other geniuses of TV comedy. 41 writers and producers discussed the creative process and the most important element of the writers' room. Good food and Silly Putty. The title of his book is memoir but nobody but Steve blues scene is had a remarkably full comedy career Blair really bet you're glad to see me. Despite a life of devastating personal setbacks he opened for big names in Vegas like Sammy Davis junior and Dolly Parton. And wrote on the wholesome but terrible family show the Brady Bunch variety hour which he says with staffed by a bunch of stone freaks. Monty Python fans will enjoy Erica idols sort of biography. Always look on the bright side of life battery boot. From his bleak World War II years in an English boarding school to his Broadway smash hits Camelot. Idol recounts working with director Mike Nichols and vacationing with Robyn Williams David Boley and beatle George Harrison. William will Kristen was a power broker in Hollywood's heyday he founded the trade paper the Hollywood reporter. But his true claim to fame was introducing organized crime into La La land. In Hollywood got father the life and crimes of Billy Wilkinson. His son WR we focus in the third tells how his father orchestrated mob shakedowns of major studios. A really dark but fascinating story. And finally Gary Shandling once complemented mill school bell by saying hey you write like our guy. Welcome to just the funny parts and a few hard truths about sneaking into the Hollywood boys club. After unhappy few months writing on Late Night with David Letterman school bell went on to create the hit sitcom Sabrina the teenage witch for ABC. My favorite part of the book. It's Goodell wrote a script for the Simpsons which you deconstruct for us here in minute detail from hitch meeting all the way to broadcast her personal motto. That which doesn't kill me allows me to regroup and retaliate. I'm Barry Mitchell and I'm an insomniac who reads in bed. Come up that's. It insomniac they read them their. I also wrote this book you're wearing any pants and the crazy nights like crazy nights at the world news broke a how about that. Are you in advance. He's a just great that you economy. I'll get you. I thought it Donovin Darius not recant or you Jack. I am worms and what do I need an OK guy got everybody's got hurt you with I'm not gonna say with the Connecticut they're not right. No fans or fans are everywhere at the.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Our good friend Barry Mitchell shares with us his favorite titles of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60031829","title":"Looking at the top books of 2018","url":"/WNN/video/top-books-2018-60031829"}