Top Celebrity Stories from 2014

ABC's Entertainment Editor Lesley Messer takes a look back at the celebrities who caught our attention in 2014.
3:40 | 12/26/14

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Transcript for Top Celebrity Stories from 2014
Yeah. It's. Yeah. What a year it's been for Hollywood and the people who capture our attention ABC news entertainment editor Lesley messer is here. We can't have a top five celebrity stories of the year has played well how it takes to be here took kicking a topic number five times the implosion a bill comes to this. Some saying it and that took everybody by storm Bill Cosby had his reputation. Of being miss wholesome TV dad. The people could really look hue for a sense of value and to see. Hand and could be brought down by these allegations of sexual misconduct. What's incredibly disheartening and number afford no one could had a better year than Taylor slipped up totally and she completely reinvented herself this is someone who actually years was living in Nashville. And making country after country after country had and is here she just said you know what I'm kind of fest I'm moving to new York and becoming a pop star. And this is one of her most successful albums other. I actually did double take lines aren't the CMA like you doing there and I tell it like you I think under an all the country legend power saying. Where did she got another winning all of our awards what happened to her capacity here for the pop charts. And that victory. The announcement most of the new health baby will end here. Just keep the gifts that keep getting hit the first thing George and they came to new York and next year we'll have. Another little prince or princess and arms still don't know who which one yet no I don't even think they now we do you really believe that I NG I think that they can't now be. Has been that I get they would slit his Q what's scary. Kind of company that way I think it's a girl do you get up just not how it's okay. And she wanted one so hopefully he gets hurt her back right exactly and never kill inflicting the tragic news have Robin Williams Joan Rivers and Philip Seymour Hoffman shocking death it was this isn't and per the Hollywood losing billions stars mean Robin Williams is someone. Who every generation connected to it. His death is so shocking as was Philip Seymour Hoffman's and Oscar winner people who. Really look at him as an actors act. Actor and then of course Joan Rivers. I don't know anyone who wasn't affected by app on your such huge Hollywood superstars nobody saw any of them having these weren't people who had been sick hands where people who people had time to in any way mentally prepare to lose. And people took it incredibly personal and only so talented in their own way completely and and whose reputations are sort of so indelibly. There and into the minds of everybody keep the idea that they're gone is it's really hard to come. Let's. And the number one of the top wedding media Jordan out mom all of Brad and Angie can cut DA and a look wounded in Europe like you're up. Because they got away from Barcelona. But I don't know anyone who. Who wasn't so excited to see the different wedding gowns the court to ceremony is and the fact that George Clooney added that most eligible bachelor covers off the market. Anything else can't tell everybody by surprise after what seems like an incredible woman around my got a court gets ambitious accomplished he could not have picked better. And if you wouldn't picket. What would you say is gonna be the bloodiest story of 2015. I think everyone's excited to see if will and he would have a little girl or little boy. But for me and I think for a lot of my friends you. We want to see if George Hill mall actually start a family affair this is someone. A couple that everyone is so invested and and it would be awesome to see if they would expand their family and they want kids yes it's not something they've ruled out. We'll wait and see you well ABC's allegedly met third thank you so much faith and we'll be back. Oh.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"ABC's Entertainment Editor Lesley Messer takes a look back at the celebrities who caught our attention in 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27835614","title":"Top Celebrity Stories from 2014","url":"/WNN/video/top-celebrity-stories-2014-27835614"}