Top gadgets from CES 2020

The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of his favorite gear featured at this year’s consumer electronics expo in Las Vegas.
4:10 | 01/20/20

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Transcript for Top gadgets from CES 2020
Welcome back we're still writing on a high this morning from the wage when a Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas. This year's tech gadgets ran the gamut from carotene and home. To sexual wellness and our own guess where is Dick DeBartolo is here now with its favor offbeat guides as Dick good morning them. What about Florida's melt your first segment at warnings warnings are thank you will do thousands again which are what are we got here. OK so India's security division lots of outdoor security light but this company maxis said. Why did they look like security lights are they came out with the outdoor walls guns. Any time there's something warm neared a person a dog a car it'll automatically go along there's an auto that the manual switch to if you just wanna have it on why you working around there. And the comes in black white and bronze and it's under fifty in its battery operate so. It really echoing wiring just stick it on the site that was home with your electricity bill. That would absolutely absolutely it's easy to install this took to me is really amazing so some doctors got together and said what if we could make. A really horrible. Automatic external to figure laid OK and this is it. Up till I'm gonna who've read the number from their help to 450000. People in the US die from sudden cardiac arrest. So this little guy is one of the equivalent of one of those big guys so there's an emergency you put your fingers and here. You pull on it. While the payouts come out and start getting the instructions that the two kids you pushed that button. Everybody feeling well can I shut this off OK yeah we're all doing grad. About fixing case we've got that says good to have that and the cheapest one I shoreline was 15100 dollars they hope to bring this in at about 715. And it will while waiting for FDA approval probably toward the fall for that OK what else we got breaking bar is. A way to. In the back window of the car mounted a unit that when you break fast. It will that this ruled that the sense that you're breaking fast and give a three minute warning to the driver behind you that you breaking and they say this. Axe 50% faster than you brake light so that the driver sees it. And will slow down before he. It's you who hasn't really get Gatt trade there was the price farm it's 99 dollars it's sealed batteries that runs for years just the way it is it's water resistant. And it's also the guy who loved that one visit I love this idea how so this is the first fought it's out now okay it's called Hyde and the way to hide your electric. Outlet so what you do would you take that outlet from the war when you mounted inside here. And then the plugs to plug in normally then just to two wires go down and this couple high ages. So the war looks like it at life through the end that is brilliant now that's only ten books that is that this. So have to show they were showing that by the fall they hope to have this with Alexa and sold and I think we might even have a photo of it. So that in each room you can have you why is hidden hop you also have access to elects. Night and then final a final little guy here I'll just pick up here is from anchor. This is the first. Apple approved. Seeing grow shot are. Full war icing pro flashlight. For the new iPhone eleven. Okay and it comes with that this user the console carry case you can also use it fulfilled life of one of her the one who didn't act guided yeah okay so you can do flesh off camera you can use it as a fill light. In an emergency you can warranted as a flash of Purcell peace bought this. Result I'm all right 49 bucks the indigent 49 bucks there Dick. Thank you so much and start us off right here in forty to forty. For these and other Arpey got this check out Dicks website gives with dot bids as well as our website to be in advance that competition Bartolo thanks for joining us here's your. We appreciate it we'll read back what the world is now.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of his favorite gear featured at this year’s consumer electronics expo in Las Vegas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68399030","title":"Top gadgets from CES 2020","url":"/WNN/video/top-gadgets-ces-2020-68399030"}