Top travel toys

The Toy Insider's Ali Mierzejewski swings by with a stack of fun new gear to help keep your little ones entertained on the go.
3:55 | 05/20/19

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Quick summer travel season just around the corner parents are already scrambling to book though summer travel reservations but the other challenge. Keeping the kids entertained on the roads are toy insider valley Georgia he joins us now at this year's hottest summer travel toys. Alan good morning we need these critical cargo plane or what ever even for the restaurant between when yanking a pit stops at least it shows what you got so let's separate the break basics. Sleeping time snugly down here so this is a cute little travel blanket for a little travelers and it comes with a storybook but what's fun about is in the story bucket takes you through how each of my little friends. Go to sleep. So inside of these little plush characters you can tuck them away and then you have. A blanket that you can take a nap when as well that's amazing nobody would it really encouraging sleep each hit an event it is also that learning elements and you violence. This is PJ mass balding had Carter's place that's a PGA passes. Big show. Yeah kids love the characters and so this they can take all of their favorite superhero on the road at that I hope so we have the three levels place that here comes of all these expensive including this catapult right. When you're ready to go all folds up packs of inside and they need to take it like that's perfect so program to a bag made it's easy yeah pull it out at a restaurant may from the new play with that's not a screen. Next up we have squeezed animals and conference series to its weasels and did these collectible characters here and give you this one you can feel very soft squishy right terrific panel companions yet smells now and don't really. Yes. And then in the car it's not cotton candy Alan cotton candy and I think that's when it's great. Yeah and that they have all these different characters but then they're really good close to OK into they have in the car with you there very small easy to take with you yeah. I'm gonna keep on and a county. It could pick pasted these finger rulings will look see this as a -- that this is different this is the play mobile device can trap sand bucket can really take this to the beach refute everything -- inside of this but get you can carry with you on top beavis and September bands also on ice cream place that may saying yes so it comes of these little figures do these eyes in concert you can fill up with stand. There's -- -- is slick it -- -- into the beach in the can still hustling play with instilled and honestly with it. Easily cleans up dump all the ladder out take it back in the it's ago I pray now the thing now the finger links and these make noise yes. If so then our walls you put them on your fingertips me here in the development in other interactive pet so they know when they're moving. You can get their heads and mullah lay out keeping. When you've written against the beauty little can only. They're going to let up there yeah glittery bay when they're by each other don't think about it I have to say that they do recommend you you. The game and they had all the centers and in their climate motion activated. Saturday this okay. And and that these are likely. What school case right yes the new version these are the retro waterfalls abuse are actually made exactly like the old. Yes so they have all of the classic designs mem Q&A plane without one news press the button that again he's inside the different cards in the background and so that's that you change how well okay the road rally one. There is asked opponents like nothing I think it's technically cheating but I want or am I think I got. And doesn't really kind of parents all of this one too because they have haven't they were kids nine and passed that on there all of this is good we will keep that kid did it all summer long long Isabella fabulous for these. And other summer travel toy ideas visit the toy insider dot com as well as our website Duggan and fans dot com. Toy insider. Editor in chief Alley were just eat they yield thanks so much for probably is keep the kids busy this summer up going greatly appreciated. Stay with us you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"The Toy Insider's Ali Mierzejewski swings by with a stack of fun new gear to help keep your little ones entertained on the go.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63146797","title":"Top travel toys","url":"/WNN/video/top-travel-toys-63146797"}