Tornadoes Rip Through Homes in Oklahoma

Powerful tornadoes swept across the Midwest leaving a path of destruction and debris.
3:24 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Tornadoes Rip Through Homes in Oklahoma
Begin this half hour the latest from the storm zone tornadoes touched down across the plains and midwest. Knocking out power tens of thousands of people central Oklahoma has been especially hard hit a twister flattened most of a mobile home park killed an elderly man as well. And there's much more to come today storm watches and warnings are posted from Texas to the Great Lakes we begin our coverage of ABC's -- Bryant. -- -- -- -- -- Powerful tornadoes swept across the midwest from Kansas to Oklahoma. -- funnel clouds tore across the plains states sending debris in every direction and knocking out power was reversed gears. Rescue workers spread out to look for injured residents in Shawnee Oklahoma. Transporting them to local hospitals the powerful winds even overturned tractor trailers. Forecasters had warned midwest residents to expect tornadoes to come their way. And they did. Darkening the horizon and sowing destruction everywhere including the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond. Another tornado touched down near Wichita as mid continent airport in Kansas late Sunday afternoon. Earlier twisters raged across the Kansas town of bros now -- as the craziest thing I've ever -- winds that forced cars off the highway. An elderly couple sought refuge in their camper in the Kansas state park. The wind just came up all of a sudden and they are restarted shaken but I'm thankful that we were hurt more than -- Thankful to have shelter and a shaky -- and their states to be is be inside and be safe. There have been more than 300 reports of severe weather with the storms expected to continue Monday and Tuesday. Deirdre Bryant ABC news New York. And some of the same areas that just got hit might get it again our coverage continuing -- meteorologist Andrew -- -- at AccuWeather good morning Andrew. Thank you and good morning John -- Diana unfortunately it was a very destructive weekend especially Sunday major damage. From hundreds of reports of damaging wind gusts large hail at times the size of -- baseball and dozens of reports of tornadoes this bad from Oklahoma City up through Wichita Kansas City. Even -- Moines and Minneapolis. We saw a lot of reports of damaging winds unfortunately we do have more on the way here for your Monday later on this afternoon. This service -- from the sun. And then we see this upper level of service -- -- the very warm and humid air mass so more severe thunderstorms that's for damaging winds large hail and even more tornadoes let's understand from Oklahoma City through Tulsa Springfield Missouri up -- Peoria in Illinois and -- see some stronger thunderstorms. -- Chicago's way John and Diana. Back TO. -- and you think you there was one fatality in Shawnee Oklahoma in the trailer park 79 year old man's body was found. But so far no other fatalities so far so far it's been incredible amount of -- no doubt in the up the number to fifty. How between Saturday and Sunday in that area fifty tornadoes have a good point -- -- is -- that we're covering it more or are there just more tornadoes I don't know the answer but my goodness you see destruction like this and in -- -- -- job when he think of other areas in the country have gone to the same thing that. In a manager does feel like fifty cents for every very large number for that it sure does and no rest for the weary they got another nail biter today they -- -- push them all the best.

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{"id":19214906,"title":"Tornadoes Rip Through Homes in Oklahoma","duration":"3:24","description":"Powerful tornadoes swept across the Midwest leaving a path of destruction and debris.","url":"/WNN/video/tornadoes-rip-through-homes-in-oklahoma-19214906","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}